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Sweet Sunday

After a great morning at church and a good lunch at Catfish Galley, we went home to attempt to take a nap (thwarted by two young boys who shall remain nameless).  We then rushed to an afternoon baseball game.  Baseball boy did great and they won 21-6.  Very impressive for a team that won a whopping 1 game during the spring season!  Then we rushed to church to hear football boy’s choir sing and attend a business meeting.  WE have a new children’s minister!  Yeah!  Came home, fed the kiddos and Tigerfan and I just ate supper and are getting ready to sit down for a quick dessert (apple pie for him, Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream for me…because we need those calories at 9:30 at night).  Then we are headed up to read and go to bed.  Ya gotta love the day of rest!


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Weekend Fun!

Well, we had a busy day yesterday and I didn’t quite make it to blogging…I am going downhill fast!  We schooled in the morning and did pretty well.  Our goal on Fridays is to try to be through by lunchtime and yesterday, we actually did it!  I took the opportunity to do some much needed vaccuuming and laundry.  While I was folding laundry Dancer came into the room and sat down on the couch with some lacing cards.  She wanted me to show her how to do them the “right way”.  So I showed her how to go in and out and after a couple cards she had it down pat.  She kept going back and getting more cards, making sure the lace color matched the color of the card (she gets that from her Daddy).  All of a sudden, she sat straight up and declared, “Momma, I just had a think!”  I laughed and asked her what her “think” was.  She has decided that since she is so good at sewing her cards, she can just start sewing our baby’s clothes for him.  She wanted to know when we could go get her a sewing machine and some of that “stuff” you sew with (material) so she could make him a dolphin outfit.  Maybe she has a future in fashion design!

Anyway, after unsuccessfully trying to take a nap, I started getting ready for supper, the kids hadn’t seen Nana and Papaw all week and had begged for them to come eat with us so I began to try to find something I had enough of to feed them!   As I was doing this football boy set up a Halloween Craft Center and entertained the other two making footprint ghosts, haunted houses and hanging spiders anywhere they could that they thought might scare the pants of Nana when she came to eat.

They were sooo sweet-about ten projects later, they bored of this and actually cleaned up after themselves. And did a good job.  Wow!  Dancer helped me make some spaghetti and an apple pie and we visited the night away until Nana and Papaw had to go home. We played a little, put the kids in bed and Tigerfan and I watched Wild Hogs.  We had heard it was a really good movie and we hadn’t seen one in ages so I guess our expectations were a little high because we thought it was okay, but we were not just amazed by the movie making brilliance we had expected.

This morning we had a ballgame.  It started a little rough with our boys behind 10-3 and baseball boy striking out his first at bat.  But I guess they finally woke up and we ended up winning 13-12 so it was all good!  Tigerfan is working at the “Shoutfest” today and Football boy was going to meet him and hang out for awhile.  I asked the other two what they wanted to do and, of course, they wanted to go to the toy store.  This was actually okay with me because I am beginning my annual pre-Christmas nervous breakdown a little early this year.  It usually doesn’t hit until mid-October but with the added pressure of HAVING to have it all done before baby, I have already begun freaking out just a little bit.  So, we loaded up, football boy with us, and headed to Toys “R” Us for a wonderful hour or so of, “Momma, do we have to look at girl stuff?”  “Momma, can we please stop looking at boy things and go to the babies?”  “Momma, do you know what happened on the last Zach and Cody episode?” (that would be baseball boy whose total ability to converse revolves around food or retelling every moment of a television show or commercial).  Football boy’s attention soon ran out because he really just wanted to see the important stuff (what he wanted) and then go meet his daddy.  Dancer was a little impatient because she had a startling $6.00 that was burning a hole in her wallet.  Everything we passed we had this conversation:

Dancer: “Momma, I like this!”

Momma:  “Good, we will put it on your Christmas list”

Dancer: “But I have 2 dollars (she actually has 6 but it is in the form of a one dollar bill and a five dollar bill so in her four year old mind it is two, I tried to explain, it didn’t go well, and so…)

Mommy:  “Yes honey, but that game is $49.99, you do not have enough”

Dancer:  “I like this too, can I buy it?”

Mommy:  “No, Sweetie, that baby is $29.99, you do not have enough”

Dancer:  “But I want to buy something!”

We would then proceed to the next aisle with lip protruding and asking me approximately 357 times what she could do to earn more money.

At the end of the trip, the boys each have a list of 5 or 6 things they really want–one of them being a real drum-set–I already have a headache!  Dancer however has a book, so in case anyone is wondering or wants to get an early start, you can just head over to the nearest Toys “R” Us or Target (yes, we went there after dropping off football boy) and walk down any aisle that has pink in it.  If you see a baby, she wants it.  If you see a swing, baby bed, high chair, or any other thing you can put a baby in, she wants it.  If you see a Polly Pocket, Littlest Pet Shop or My Little Pony, she wants it.  If you see a kitchen (she has one), a vanity (she has one), or stroller (she has three), she wants it.  If you see an electronic game, a show related toy or a musical instrument of any kind, she wants it.  I may have left something out but I think a good rule of thumb to follow is:  If it can be found in a retail establishment and is located in an aisle that has even a smattering of pink, she wants it and you are totally safe-even if she already have it, duplicate items are really just icing on the cake!

We were supposed to run into a consignment sale after all this and check out the maternity clothes, but frankly, I am just tired.  So we got some 20 oz. drinks, a candy bar for each of us and are now back home where I am allowing my sweet children to sit on the couch with the television on AND Football boy’s nintendo DS in hand so I can sit in front of the computer and blog–there is nothing wrong with that….right? 

I will soon be getting up to pop the frozen pizza in the oven and play a little with the kiddos before baths and bed.  I feel myself getting a little closer every day to that Mother of the Year award and really–I think I deserve it!

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Movie Night

I would love to blog more, but it is House Hunters night and that wins out even over blogging!  Maybe when I’m a big grown-up blogger I’ll do better but I need to go pop some popcorn and there is a bag of M&M’s calling me!  Have a great night, grab some popcorn and your spouse and check out HGTV.  You won’t regret it!

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Sleeping in the Rain

We have rain!  Lots and lots and lots of rain.  It began last night.  Tigerfan woke me up out of a wonderful Benadryl induced sleep to tell me Dancer girl was crying.  I must have muttered something unitelligable because he got up to tend to her and while he was up I heard an ENORMOUS clap of thunder.  It was a mere few seconds before I heard the scurrying of little feet and assumed Dancer was coming to join us for the evening!  However, moments later, Tigerfan returned with Dancer in tow so I was forced to wake up a little more to realize Football boy had also come to join us and they were jockeying for the best sleeping bag position closest to our bed.  Football boy apparently won out.  I drifted back to sleep only to be awakened a few minutes later by Football boy who was standing by the bed insisting that we all needed to get downstairs to the bathroom (our tornado shelter).  I convinced him that it was just storm and there was no tornado and threatend cajoled him back into the sleeping bag and back to sleep.  I was only slightly bitter this morning and am somewhat ashamed to admit that when he told me he didn’t sleep that well because everytime it thundered, Dancer grabbed his arm and cuddled up to him, I smiled with just a little satisfaction.

As you can imagine, we got a slow start this morning.  It was still raining, the alarm didn’t go off and it was very overcast which made for a late, groggy morning.  We did, finally, get going however and the day was okay.  I usually make a “big” lunch on Wednesday because we eat supper at church and it is usually not the most nutritious meal.  At least if I make lunch, I know the kids are getting a couple of servings of veggies and fruit.  So, mid-morning, I began to prepare.  I also was in charge of snacks for Bible Study tonight so I started to work on that as well.  During this, Baseball Boy, who has a healthy respect for all things edible, came in and asked what I was fixing.  I replied we were going to have sloppy joes (Manwich–I know, the nutritional value is questionable but, hey, I am trying!) He wanted to know where I got the recipe, was it Amish or Menus 4 Moms.  Apparently my tendency to get obsessed with trying new recipes based on my latest interest is warping the little guy.  He even asked me this afternoon as I was assembling a Mississippi Mud Cake where I got that recipe.  I said Nana Croc had been making it forever and she probably learned it from her Momma.  Baseball boy’s reply:  “Is she Amish?”

Anyway, it is getting late and I am sleepy so I am going to bed (without drugs tonight!).  I will be turning off the electric lights, flushing using indoor plumbing, and will not be getting up to milk cows in the morning–although the cow thing might be nice because despite the fact that we have been to the store every day for the last three days, we are about out of milk.  So, “Gut Night” !  Hope to see you back tomorrow!

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From Tutorial to Tums

I know after yesterday’s riveting post you are expecting to read more high quality, deep thoughts, but I really have nothing today and while this seems to be the perfect opportunity to write about Tigerfan’s most embarassing moments or something equally thought provoking, I promised him I would not do that.  At least not until I get really desperate.

Today has been very peaceful and quiet around here (strange, I know).  We had tutorial this morning and then headed home for lunch.  I usually bring one of football boy’s friends home on Tuesday, but his grandmother got him today, so it was just us!  We had lunch and watched a riveting Blue’s Clues movie-much to the boys dismay, they lost their votes when they couldn’t get along so Dancer Girl got the rare opportunity to choose the picnic entertainment! 

After lunch, Dancer girl played while the boys worked on math and spelling.  They informed me that they really didn’t need me, so I put away laundry while they worked.  I haven’t been sleeping well lately and was really tired and mentioned that I might go lie down for awhile, which the children really got excited about!  I must admit, their extreme excitement had me a little nervous…it made me think back to the story Mamma tells of how my older sister and I decided to build a bird nest out of corn flakes and flour while she was taking a nap one time, however, sometimes exhaustion just wins out over fear.  I rested awhile and when I got up, I was told they were fine, go back to bed.  I insisted I had to stay up and was told that was fine, as long as I left them alone–can’t you feel the love?

Anyway, Tigerfan had an eatin’ meetin’ tonight so we were on our own and because they had not killed enough brain cells watching Blues’s Clues, we watched “Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang” at supper and then the kids wanted to keep watching it, so like any good, doting mother I allowed them to do that while I cleaned the kitchen and even Dancer’s bedroom until it was time to get ready for bed. 

Not very exciting blog material, but aaaah the peace!  I let the kids read awhile in their beds while I talked Tigerfan through the grocery store to pick up a few things for me (I have to take snacks to Bible Study tomorrow night)–isn’t he sweet!  He even brought us all surprises of the chocolate variety and at this point in my life perhaps an even sweeter surprise an economy pack of Tums!

So, not an exciting day, but definitely a day where I can say, “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!”

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More Information than you Would Ever Ask to Know

Warning:  This post not suitable for young children!  🙂

Okay, being of “Advanced Maternal Age” when expecting child number four has its disadvantages.  You balloon up to a ridiculous size at approximately 8 weeks, you are tired all the time, and you hear things like: “Are you sure it’s not twins?” at alarming rates.  Not to mention current maternity clothes are enough to make a person INSANE!  I know what you are thinking-the styles are soooo much cuter than they used to be.  I know you are thinking that because that is what I was thinking before I had to put them on my body.  Let me tell you, they are made strictly for looks, not comfort!!!

However, I have found the silver lining (besides, of course, the bundle of joy at the end of the nine months)!  As anyone can tell you, especially my mother and sisters, the women in my family are not, well—well endowed.  Let me illustrate:

In the summer between my freshman and sophmore years of college, my precious mom decided to take me shopping for a new bra.  We went to a department store with a lady who helped size you.  So, I went into the dressing room with a total stranger and bared all so I could be measured and fitted just right.  When the incredibly embarrassing fitting was over, I left the fitting room, new A cup undergarments in hand with the “nice lady” who gave me a huge smile, patted me on the back and congratulated me on how I was developing very nicely.  In case she may be reading this now–that was it!!!There was no more developing!

Leap ahead several years and three children later and while many other parts of me have increased dramatically in size, that particular area has not!  Until now!  I have whined about how big I am, I have moaned about outgrowing maternity clothes, but hear me now–I will not complain about outgrowing my bra!  It has become a little bit of a joke around here until last week when the “overflowing” cups just became painful and I informed Tigerfan that I had no choice but to go find a bigger (grin) undergarment.  Now, I am a realist, I realize in just a few short months all this will end and I will return to my former self and so not wanting to break the bank, we headed to Target.  People, they were having a clearance sale!  For a mere $8.48 I purchased a lovely little number (in a B) and excitedly brought it home.  Please excuse the bragging, but I filled that baby out AND I really think I could go up one more size!  Can you imagine me, in a C cup, now that is something to grin about!

And so, while I know it is temporary, I will enjoy my recent developing for as long as I can, and if you need me, you can probably find me in intimate apparel section at Target!  Happy Shopping!

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From the Mouths of Babes

I had a whole post in my head about the joys of foundational undergarments during pregnancy # 4 but the kids have said some cute things today that just seem so much more appropriate for a Sunday.  Don’t worry, Aunt Quack, I’ll come back to the other post later!

 We arrived at church a few minutes early tonight so Tigerfan could attend the pre-service deacon prayer time.  So, the kids and I decided to go to the Library.  The children began looking for books and I began talking while they made their selections.  I must admit, I wasn’t really paying much attention, I mean, it is a CHURCH library.  We checked out our books and proceeded to the sanctuary where the service was about to begin.  I set everything down in a pile next to me and didn’t think much about it until the preaching began and Dancer girl asked to look at her book.  It was only then, as I pulled the book from the pile that I noticed her one and only selection:  “Someone I know Died” a beautifully illustrated and I am sure well written book about a loved ones death.  I just had to laugh. hysterically. As the preaching continued.  And my sweet Tigerfan asked why in the world I would let her check out a book like that.  Because I am an only partly sane 35 year old pregnant woman with three kids and more sleep deprived than common sense blessed.  “Momma, will you read it to me?” she asked. I, of course, answered later–just look at the pictures for now!

As this was going on in our pew, the people behind us were getting tickled with their son.  Our pastor had just begun preaching and had announced that he had a pet peeve.  To which the 4th grade boy leaned over and declared to his mother that he didn’t know our pastor had a pet pig!

Finally, as we were driving home it began to sprinkle a little bit.  We have had a bit of a drought this summer, and Dancer girl has helped me as I struggled to keep our plants watered and alive.  We have worked especially hard at caring for a hibiscus plant out back.  When we noticed the drops of rain, I commented on how nice it was to see the rain and how I was glad it had held off until we could do some work on the pool this afternoon.  Dancer girl quickly agreed and added that she was thankful because the rain would give water to my “high biscuits.”

I hope everyone has a great week, stay tuned for the next mind numbing post which should include far more information about cup sizes than you probably ever bargained for!  (This will of course be dedicated to Quack!)

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