Hello world!

After months of lurking on other’s blogs and sharing with my family and friends everyone else’s days, my sweet husband has set me up with a blog of my own.  I cannot promise a lot of depth or even as much humor as is offered by BooMama or BigMama but this is a little look into my world.  I hope to have as much fun writing as I have had reading the last few months and to bring honor to my precious savior, Jesus Christ.

Let me introduce you to Tigerfan, my sweet husband and die hard LSU fan.  He is a wonderful husband and father with obsessive-compulsive tendencies that we all must live with.  He loves Tiger football, children, spicy food, and me!

My oldest son (10) is our football player and budding tigerfan.  He has a big heart, a sweet spirit, loves ice cream and HATES math.

 Our middle son (7) is our baseball player.  He loves to eat and eat and eat!  He has the sweetest smile you will ever see and the absolute cutest cheeks on any face ever!

Our little princess girl (4) is our dancer.  She loves her princess status and uses it to its fullest advantage!  She loves her brothers, babies, and cannot wait to be a big sister (or another mother) as she claims.

We are expecting our little Christmas Surprise on December 24.  God has chosen to let me know exactly who is in charge of my life through this little blessing (and it isn’t me)!  We are having our surprise fourth child at Christmas and, yes, it is another boy!  We thought we were nearing the end of Little League but apparently we will be sitting on the sidelines one more time.  I told my husband not to worry, no one will expect someone as old as him to coach, they will let us rest in our wheelchairs and just watch the game without judgement!

I hope you enjoy seeing a little piece of my world as much I have enjoyed others!


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  1. 1

    Charlie said,

    If one more equals 4, what will two more equal?

    Seriously……that’s a strange word for me…..you did a great job on your first glob. Or is it blob? Oh well, whatever. I’ll be interested in checking it for updates. Perhaps you will be better at updating blobs than answering emails!

    Keep up the goodd work, especially as time moves on towards Christmas and those “blessed eventS”.

  2. 2

    Pops said,

    This was a great way to start our day. I love the picture. You guys are great!!!!!! We look forward to getting blogged in the future. Ima luva, luva, luva, you all but today Christian is the Star. Get it, STAR?

  3. 3

    Charlie said,

    I didn’t comment on the picture yesterday but Christian is a handsome little fetus, so strong looking. But his little sister, Hortense, is so timid. You can hardly see her hidding behind her brother.

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