What to Expect

Finding out we were expecting number four was quite a shock.  I went from total shock to laughing, because really what else can you do, back to shock and now wondering what on earth do you do with child number four.

 My oldest made that come home to me when we had first told them about the baby when he asked how old he would be when the baby was using his math book.  “Well,” I answered thoughtfully, “You will be in college.”

We have continued to have little moments of revelation like that throughout this pregnancy.  I think the other most shocking thing is how quickly I have “blossomed” this time around.  Really, with four months to go, I have already begun to outgrow my maternity clothes!  I have tried to be a big girl about this, but if I am honest, it is really quite distressing.  I have had to convince many people we really aren’t expecting twins and have even had a couple to tell me we need to have them check again.  This weekend I was out on a date with my sweet Tiger fan.  I had dressed in my cutest “duds” and we were having a great time.  We went to a bookstore where he was looking for a book to help me with this blogsite so I began wandering around browsing.  As I browsed in the christian living section a very sweet lady approached me and with the nicest smile asked when the baby was due.  I replied that it was due Dec. 24.  Immediately the smile was replaced with shocked disbelief and an “OH!  Are you sure it is not twins.”  I assured her there was only one and went to pout to my husband.  I suddenly wasn’t feeling so cute.

The next day at church I was having a pity party about my “with child” appearance when another girl from church approached me.  She informed me that she now understood how I felt about the surprise fourth child.  She discovered this week that she, too, is expecting baby number four!  She, too, was very surprised!  However, she can outdo me because after baby number three, she had had her tubes tied!

Suddenly, I feel much better!  However, I really need to make sure my Tigerfan has made an important Dr. visit of his own!


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