The Name Game

It is time for Fall Ball!  After an almost perfect season (1-19), we have decided to further our torture and play some more ball.  Fall is an instructional league–more laid back, less competition, etc.  That is why our baseball boy and Tiger Fan have been at practice twice a week for the last three weeks despite a rule we apparently overlooked forbidding practice until this week (oops!). 

Baseball boy loves the game, but it really  has nothing to do with America’s favorite passtime or the joy of competition.  It is business.  You see, Papaw decided a couple of years ago to pay the boys one dollar for each basket they made playing Upward basketball–the tradition continued to baseball this year.  So, for each hit, there is money to be made–and our Boy takes these opportunities seriously!

Another grandfather on the team offered (in the spring) to pay $5 for each home run.  Unfortunately Baseball Player was never able to cash in on that one, although after one practice last week he did inform me that he was hitting really hard and if they had just made that fence closer in, he really could have hit it out!  Go figure!

Anyway, in Fall league, there are no sponsers.  Each team can come up with their own name.  So the coaches offered to let the boys try to come up with a good one.  One coach came up with a list and shared some choices with the boys.  Baseball player came home last night with some interesting insight.  He informed me that all the other boys on the team wanted to name them a dumb name–the Scorpions.  Scorpions are just mean, he informed me.  He and his best friend liked another name better.  It is a really cool name and they want to be called that.  What is it you ask?  The Dirtbags!

It is going to be a great season!


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    Pops said,

    Go get em “dirtbags”! I can now say that my favorite teams are the Utah Utes, Boise State Bronco’s and the Tennessee Dirtbags. But I bet I have some explaining to do everytime I say it maybe I will just continue to say my favorite team is whoever is playing BYU.

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