It Was One of Those Days

In the words of Judith Viorst, it has been a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”!  I had great intentions of writing a nice little piece on our Sweet Football boy but frankly I do not feel witty or enlightened tonight.

It began first thing this morning right after my inspiring devotion on things I would like to remove from myself and my top one was being short-tempered with my children and that behavior was to be replaced by loving patience (yada, yada,yada).  Within five minutes the previously mentioned Sweet football boy was sneaking downstairs during my sacred alone time to “surprise” me which decoded means he was trying to scare the @#$%* out of me (and was successful, I might add).  We have discussed the unwiseness of this many times recently, but I have apparently not been firm enough in my expressions of just how unfunny I find this especially before 7:00 a.m.  This led to the wonderfully loving and patient response of “HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!!!!!”  No good morning or did you sleep good.  I knew immediately I had hurt his feelings with my less than cordial greeting but I honestly didn’t care–After all I am not raising a super sleuth!

The rest of our day proceeded in like manner. Including but not limited to a huge fight between the boys over who was bringing the dogfood to the pen which resulted in baseball boy being bombarded by dogfood and screaming his head off while football boy escaped “innocently” into the house.  As any good mother would, I went to help clean up and was calming down until 5 seconds and 5 steps after cleaning the mess up, baseball boy dropped the entire bowl again.  I calmly (ha!) helped clean up a second time and then suggested to football boy he should protect his life by going and finishing his job.

This was followed with the discovery that while I was communing with Beth Moore and friends in Nashville, Football boy was being very choosey about which assignments he would actually complete at Nana’s house.  Therefore we had all today’s work to do plus all that he “forgot” to do while I was gone.

I dumped an entire bag of trail mix out in the car on the way to dance and when I reached into the little compartment to get my sunglasses, they came out in pieces because somehow the little screw holding them together had come out.  We made it through the evening with all children still alive, which really is a miracle, and were on the home stretch getting ready for bed when I walked into the boys’ room to find them tackling one another as they cleaned their room.  This resulted in another loving and patient reprimand that sounded something like: “YOU HAVE LOST ALL READING TIME AND ANY OTHER PRIVILEGE YOU MAY HAVE EVER DREAMED OF, CLEAN UP AND GET IN YOUR BEDS NOW!!!!!”  At least I am consistent.

Somehow, I do not expect to be getting the Mother of the Year award anytime soon.  I would go to Australia, but I am afraid the plane might crash!


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