Football Boy

I wish I had some profound thoughts to offer about my sweet firstborn, but frankly, I don’t.  I told him I needed to write about him because I had written a little something about the other two and we are all about equal time and fairness in this house.  I asked him if he had any ideas and he said all he knew is to tell you about his football man he got in the mail today.  Now that, my friends, is some good blogging material!

So, our little skinny boy is not really interested in many sports.  We tried soccer, too muddy.  Tried baseball, lost interest.  Tried basketball, good way to kill time in the winter months but not a passion.  No, our very small boy wants to play football (not flag mind you; tackle).  Because what 50 pound 10 year old whose ribs you can count doesn’t want a piece of the big boys out on the field.  He even has intentions of one day going to LSU and playing football!  He hates my idea of sending him to the Air Force Academy where he can train to be a doctor who can jump out of planes ( really, how cool is that) but is totally willing to sacrifice his body at Tiger Stadium.

Anyway, we tried to sign him up for PeeWee football this year but missed the deadline by two days.  We put him on the waiting list and he has been anxiously awaiting a phone call telling him to come for a throttling, I mean for practice.  He has also gotten totally into Tiger football this year, staying up till ridiculous hours watching his boys play.  Friday Tigerfan is taking both boys to their first trip to Baton Rouge to experience game day first hand (they are so excited)!  All this has served to get his mind fully on football which has been incorporated into his second passion which is Playmobil.  If you have not experienced these wonderful, imagination stretching toys, you need to check them out and send them word I referred you–maybe we can get some credit or something considering we have probably invested enough money in Playmobil paraphanelia to put our little Football fan through college for at least a year!

These united interests led him to seeking out a Playmobil football player.  Of course this wonderful toy has been discontinued but Football boy was not deterred.  Because everyone knows that one must only look as far as Ebay to find must-have yet dicontinued items.  After much searching and research, he used his own money to buy a little football  boy off Ebay.  The description promised fast, next day shipping.  That was last Tuesday around 8:00 p.m.  On Wed. he rushed to the mailbox to see if it had come, after all, it was just coming from New York, how long could it take?  I explained that it had probably not even been mailed until that day and would take a little longer.  Every day since has been excruciatingly difficult, especially Sunday when they have the audacity to not deliver mail!  Monday, he KNEW it would come but when he went to check he returned with a double disappointment.  Not only had the package not come, but his Zoobooks magazine had and he just KNEW he was going to have a drawing published in it.  No package and no drawing which after our day yesterday is really no surprise.  Anyway, to make a long story longer, the treasured man FINALLY came today!  Oh, the joy!  Not only was he in the original, sealed box, but he even came with a pamphlet showing the other 5 million Playmobil toys available for purchase if you are only willing to put a second mortage on your home!  To top it off, the guy is wearing a red and black Wildcats uniform which is just icing on the cake for all you High School Musical fans out there!  That little guy has had a great day!  He has attended Playmobil Church service, joined us at Fazoli’s for supper and is now sleeping in a bed that, while for our Football player is just a twin size,  for him can only be considered a California King.

So I guess it is true: Pain ma be here for the night, but joy comes in the morning; sometimes through a little package in the mail!


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