Calling Nana Croc

Fall ball is here.  The season was actually supposed to start last weekend but most of the games were rained out.  (I am not complaining, we really needed the rain).  Anyway, while I was gone to Nashville, Tigerfan and the kids went to pick up the team uniforms.  Somehow, the hats were printed with a giant M on the front.  Now the team had thrown around a few names, the Scorpions, the Cardinals, and don’t forget the ever popular Dirtbags.  However, none of these seem to be appropriate when the boys are going to be forced to wear a giant M on their foreheads.  So……Tigerfan and the children came up with some stellar ideas for team names beginning with M.  Among them are:  My Little Ponies (Excellent if you are a budding dancer but somehow inappropriate for 7 and 8 year old boys), The Morons (Compliments, of course, of Football boy), and the Mud cakes.  All have great potential but I was thinking:  Between Nana Croc, Aunt Quack and Mr. Charlie there is great untapped potential for a memorable team name.  So what do you think?  We would love your suggestions.


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    Tiger Fan said,

    One I didn’t think about is the Millionaires. After all, that is the only reason that baseball boy is playing. To be the first player to make a mil playing little league.

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