Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

What a day.  We got the boys off bright and early this morning garbed in LSU gear.  Even the Tiger mobile was decked out complete with a tiger tail hanging out the back!

We then got ready for our girl day–for some reason I had in mind that with just Dancer girl and me at home and a friend coming to play, I might get some things accomplished.  A few things topping my list:

1. Vaccuum the steps and downstairs-I know this seems like a silly thing but getting the whole house vaccuumed is truly a major accomplishment these days.

2.  Clean out drawers in Dancer’s room to make room for some baby stuff.

3.  Clean the boys closet and dress up bin while they are gone and cannot tell me how much they love everything in there despite the fact they have a years worth of dust.  (They will be in therapy one day over this.  They have been known to tell their friend’s parents that I always throw away their toys but there are worse things to be in therapy over, right?)

4.  Wash, dry, fold and put away three loads of laundry.

These seemed  like reasonable goals to me.  However, I did not plan on being the entertainment for a three and four year old today.  I have played babies, colored pictures, read stories, been used as a human jungle gym, watched PBS kids, tickle tortured, and prepared 1 meal and countless snacks.  For some strange reason, when the girls were playing with a bin of dried beans I thought it would be safe to leave the room for a brief moment (really, 5 minutes tops) I returned to find the beans scattered across three rooms and two very silly girls having a great time dumping them over one anothers heads.  We then proceeded the clean up process which took approximately 1 hour.  Yes, I am aware a broom and I could have cleaned it up much faster, but it is the principle, people!

Needless to say, by the time we left for our party, I had accomplished only about 1/2 the laundry and had partially cleaned out the drawers yet I feel I have done oh so much more!

We had a great time at the birthday party.  I helped do french manicures (a first for me). Luckily it was on 10 year old girls who were not paying for the torture privilege.  I also french braided lots of sweet heads of hair.  In all of this, I made one very interesting observation.  For all you fellow mothers of boys–It isn’t just boys.  I thought boy birthdays must be the loudest most rambunctious thing imaginable but I discovered girls are just as bad, only at a much higher pitch!  Dancer had a marvelous time.  She and her friend were treated like royalty by all those big girls and she got to make her own pair of flip flops with fabric tied around the toes.   She even got a treat bag full of “beauty products” like the big girls so she really thought she was something.  She is now sound asleep I am sure dreaming of all the fun we can have tomorrow and I will be joining her soon!  Who knew only having one at home could be more tiring than three!


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