Early to Rise, Early to Bed

Do you hear that?  It is the blissful sound of the Hallelujah Chorus playing in the background.  I know it is wrong, but that is how I feel now that at 7:14 p.m. on a Saturday night Dancer is in bed and the house is perfectly still and quiet!  Please, do not get me wrong, the past two days of four year old fun have been riveting, but aaaaaaaah!

Our morning began at 6:00 a.m.  Dancer woke up wondering could she go ahead and paint my fingernails for me now?  My reply, of course, was there would be absolutely no cosmetology at any time before the sun rose.  I then put her in bed with me thinking she would drift back into peaceful slumber.  However, the sheer excitement that today was the long awaited day the Mommy was going to allow her to do my nails was too much and sleep alluded her, so after an hour of, “Mommy, when can I paint your nails?” I resigned myself to the inevitable and rolled out of bed.  I put a nix on the bright pink and purple she chose and went with a nice barely noticeable pink.  They are lovely—really!

We then went  for a girl’s breakfast at Ms. Winner’s and to a rousing morning at Walmart Supercenter to go grocery shopping.  There is something so wrong about the children staying home with Daddy, going to breakfast and Toys R Us, taking naps playing etc.  Then when it is my turn we are forced (by the physical need to eat) to spend Saturday at Super Walmart.  We finally made it home just in time to feed my dear friends, Molly and Biscuit (our black labs who deserve a blog post all there own) and then vaccuum the swimming pool, which, by the way, we are no longer using but must keep cleaning until we get a cover to winterize it.  I spent 2 hours trying to clean that watery hole in the ground when 3/4 of the way through, the vaccuum head broke.  So we now have 3/4 of a clean pool, a broken vaccuum and I have an incredibly sore back.  Our neighbor came over and entertained Dancer long enough to drag every outside toy imaginable out of our garage and hit most of the golf balls we own all over the yard before she felt the immediate need to go home to get ready for the fair.  I am not bitter, really!

We came in and showered (another very exciting thing in our house) and Dancer ate supper while I straightened the kitchen and we chatted.  She rushed through because she could hardly wait to play airplane.  Okay, truthfully she wanted to play “My Mommy is a human jungle gym” again but I really had enough of that yesterday so this was the next best thing.  We flew to Idaho, had a birthday party for Pops, played with Aunt Shauna’s dog and bought her a new one to replace their beloved Moxie (Shauna, you really don’t have to thank me).  Aunt Sinda decorated some lovely cakes and Nana Croc took us shopping!  This was great fun until she realized we had not played doctor in DAYS, so the play quickly shifted.

I must tell you I saw a different, somewhat evil side of my Sweet Dancer Girl tonight as she called me repeatedly into her office.  Each time administering a full body X-ray, taking my blood pressure and telling me that from that she could tell there were anywhere from 2 to 70 babies in my tummy and then proceeding to imitate Nurse Gina by giving me a shot in the booty followed by a very evil laugh.  As if one shot a week in that area wasn’t enough, I think I received about 20 extra tonight (you really never can be too careful).

So at 7:00 without sounding too gleeful, I offered to let her lay in bed and read books tonight if she would get ready and get in bed right then.  She is now surrounded by untold number of Princess books thinking what a nice Mommy she has and I am blissfully typing in silence getting ready to eat my Healthy Choice French Bread Pizza and drink an ice cold Diet Coke in peace!  Is it wrong to be this happy?

When I am done, I think I will soak in a nice tub of water , oh yes, and do my nails!


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    Nana Croc said,

    As I have said for so long, bedtime is not for chidlren, it is for children!

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