Back from Tigerland

The boys are back!  From what I can interpret from two very excited boys screaming at me everything that has happpened the last two days, they had a marvelous time at their first LSU home game!  Plans are already in the works for next year and they have insisted that the girls join them this time.  I am really excited about that because I am sure the 10 1/2 hours they spent on campus yesterday will be extremely fun with a five year old girl and an infant.

From what I can tell, some of the highlights were sliding down a hill on cardboard pieces (I think said hill was actually the location of Indian burial grounds, so who knows, really the long-term implications of that), Having a cheerleader tell our oldest boy he was cute, high fiving the football players as they made their way to the locker rooms, and of course visiting Mike the Tiger several times. 

The Tigers won 44-o with their second string quarterback (what do you expect when playing MTSU) so the boys have stipulated that next year the would like to go to a good game.  Our oldest said there was one exciting play in the game where MTSU was on the 2 yard line on the fourth down and decided to go for it.  LSU obviously held them and got the ball but apparently that was the most exciting action of the night.  All in all it was a great trip and the boys will have great memories and are looking forward to what they will wear and how they will decorate their bodies, heads, etc. next year.

Me?  I am just looking forward to going to bed!  Goodnight!


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