School Days

Pitifully, in less than a month, I seem to have run out of interesting things to say.  Maybe it is from lack of sleep or possibly from losing brain cells in direct proportion to the number of children that are or will be running around our house.  That said, I feel I should update for my three readers but regret that it will not be nail-biting fun.

We had tutorial today, which the children love and I actually enjoy as well because I have a very sweet class this year (the fact that football boy, his best friend, and any one of several girls that I would be willing to arrange marriages with for him does not make me in the least bit biased).

Dancer ADORES Pre-K and has actually come out of her shell and begun speaking to a few select honorees including Mrs. Phyllis, her teacher.  She has had a great year, but today got on the yellow light–this may be the first time any of my children have had their names pulled so I was somewhat distressed,  but she quickly let me know that it was alright, she still got a sticker today AND the boy she has selected for her future husband helped her plan the dance they will do for their wedding someday so really, all’s well that ends well.

Baseball boy had a stellar behavior day, even receiving candy because he was one of the few that did NOT get their names moved.  He also got a piece of candy for getting a 100 on his Science test and that, my friends, is impressive–that our sweet boy came out of his own, special world and aced a test is not to be taken lightly.  These crowning achievements may also have helped protect his life later today when he “forgot” to pick up his backpack, art notebook, tennis shoes, water bottle, DS…… or when he dumped his drink out at church tonight after I had just cleaned up Football boy’s two spills.

Football boy had a great day, and I must say, having him in my tutorial class has helped me learn many things about him I did not know.  For instance his skill at tormenting 5th grade girls, the sinister side of him who laughs an evil, sneaky laugh as he leaves a live cockroach in one of the said girls’ chairs, or his amazing ability to incorporate a love for LSU into EVERY subject we address, especially when it can irritate a certain female Alabama fan.  His best friend comes home with us on Tuesdays and after lunch and a couple of rushed subjects they spent the better part of the afternoon, even including baseball boy in trying to recreate Sam Gribley’s feats in the wilderness (from My Side Of the Mountain).  They have tried to make fishing poles and spears from sticks and tried in vain to catch fish from the pond and planned how and when they would consider running off to the mountains to live off the land.  Until tonight I probably would have discouraged it, but after he exploded a Dr. Pepper and then dumped out a glass of Dr. Pepper, I might consider helping him pack.  I would go visit him, of course, although I would probably pack my own food because I am not convinced his skills at living off the land would sustain us long.

Anyway, that was our day–I am sure tomorrow will bring more mediocrity and I will be here to tell you all about it!  So, have a great night and day tomorrow and if you need any tips on surviving in the wilderness, let us know, I might can hook you up with the next Bear Grylls.


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    Nana Croc said,

    Hmmmm, seems like a typical day in the life of a momma/teacher to me (except for the planning the wedding dance. You might try and convince football boy to switch to a nice, clear drink, however. How about a nice Mountain Dew?

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