Culinary Creations

Many people reach very lofty goals.  Competing in the Olympics or professional sports, publishing a novel, becoming CEO of a large corporation..all very huge accomplishments.  I, too, have reached a crowning moment of culinary success.  I made refried beans FROM SCRATCH!  I know, some of you are shaking your heads right now minimizing the true greatness of this accomplishment, but for a non-southern girl from Idaho, it is not bad!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook and I really love to watch Food TV.  In fact, Dancer girl makes praying for Rachael Ray, Paula Dean, and Sandra Lee a regular part of her nightly prayers.  She also loves the challenge of acting like Rachael Ray and trying to carry as many things as possible when helping me cook or set the table.  It is just that watching these kitchen geniuses is about as far as it ever goes.  For one thing, they cook with fish or seafood with mind numbing frequency and, frankly, I would rather chew on jsut about anything.  And while I thoroughly enjoy watching them cook and imagine myself cooking those scrumptious meals, rarely do I have the time, patience, or well stocked pantry to actually follow through and create them for myself.

However, in the name of self-improvement and family harmony and under the inspiration of Menu Plan Monday, I preplanned this weeks meals with help from Menus 4 Moms.  Today’s menu was enchiladas, refried beans, and corn salad.  So I forged ahead, bought a bag of beans and just boiled and soaked my heart out and do you know, they were GOOD!  I mean, really pretty good!  I imagined the looks on the face of my sweet Tigerfan and the children as I offered them a scoop of homemade beans and none of the scenarios I worked out in my mind were very favorable, but everyone tried them and Tigerfan even gave his seal of approval.  So, it may seem small but I have had a great culinary victory and if you happen to stop by for a visit, you may just find yourself asking for another bowl of beans!


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