Sleepless in Tennessee

Thursday night!!!  The highlight of the week because it is House Hunter and popcorn night for Tigerfan and me!  I always look forward to this night but must admit that tonight I am looking past that to bedtime even more.

You see, we are kind of freaks in this house.  We are freakishly healthy, rarely have sickness and other than a little cold medicine or Tylenol dole out a minimum of drugs.  However, we have these strange little things.  Like a couple of years ago when Tigerfan had some pre-cancerous places removed on his back.  All of a sudden he was allergic to the bandaids and the antibiotic ointment and got staph infection.  So we had to all bathe twice daily in Hibicleanse (I really have no idea how it is spelled) and treat all his wounds with peroxide, vaseline, paper tape and gauze.  Similarly, I am not allergic to latex but am apparently allergic to the adhesive on certain brands of bandaids causing the unfortunate reaction of all my skin numbing and peeling off the affected location.  Then there is football boy, who, when tested a couple of years ago for allergies, was found to be allergic to a few outdoor allergens, dustmites, and (I am really serious) cockroaches.  It is really good to know before you start the big cockroach colony in your house that your child is allergic!

Anyway, it should really come as no surprise that I have another strange problem that rears its head this time each year.  As soon as I go to bed, there is one arm that begins itching intolerably.  It is really perplexing-no bumps, no rashes, no dry skin but I can be in the middle of a dead sleep and wake up itching and scratching until I am raw. In the past I have resolved myself to taking Benadryl and it seems to calm the itch and I get a good night sleep.  However, due to baby #4, I have resisted self medicating.   My nurse had told me when I began the 17P shots that taking Benadryl was okay, but I have just felt better not doing it.  Tonight, however, all bets are off.  I have spent two of the past three nights in our recliner after tossing in bed forever clawing at my skin.  I have kept Tigerfan awake and even traumatized football boy when he came to our room to sleep in his sleeping bag last night.  WELL, no more! Tonight I pledge to enjoy House Hunters and maybe even a little Dallas S.W.A.T. I pledge to totally immerse myself in popcorn, diet coke, and M&M’s.  I pledge to enjoy my “date night” with my Tigerfan.  And then, with no feelings of guilt or remorse, I pledge to drug myself with blessed Benadryl and hopefully drift off to a dreamless, itchless sleep.

So, good night, sleep well, and pass the Benadryl!


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