Quality Time

Nothing thought provoking or really very interesting tonight, but the other day I was reading a blog from dcrmom about quality time versus quality time and it got me thinking about how I spend all day everyday with my kids but do not really spend a lot of quality time with them.  You know, when baseball boy begins the 10 minute retelling of the two minute commercial he saw on T.V. for the  100th time and all of the sudden he is done talking and I realize I have uh-huhed and ooohhhed my way through what may have been my agreeing to let him get a tattoo (which by the way will not happen because all of my children are convinced you can go to jail for doing that–I did not tell them that but hey, if they want to believe it, who am I to spoil their knowledge?).Anyway, today has been a day of quality time and it has been really fun(nish).  I had a hair appointment this morning so we started school early hoping to get a little out of the way.  We then had to go to the library and it had been so long since we had been there that they had a ball–at the library!  Of course, to my horror, my sweet Tigerfan called while we were there and I had forgotten to turn off my phone so it rang. loudly. in the library. which, my friends, is not good at our library!  However, he redeemed himself when he said he was calling to see if we wanted to come meet he and his parents for lunch at Burger King.  So we rushed home, got in a few more minutes of school and ran back into town.  We had a great lunch, just a nice surprise, and went home to finish school.  Ordinarily that many delays and interruptions would make for a really rough afternoon, but the boys had a great attitude and although school ran late, they were very sweet.I had already planned on making eggrolls for supper tonight (one of Tigerfans favorites) so we had a great supper and then the children spent the rest of the evening performing circus acts for us.  I must admit, the entertainment value for us was, well, lacking BUT the point is, the children had a ball performing and being the center of attention all night!  They didn’t even fuss when at 8:00 we were rushing them to bed (because, really you can only watch Circus for so long) and bribing them with reading for a little while when ordinarily they would fuss to watch a movie.And now, because the theme of the evening is quality time, my sweet Tigerfan just got back from getting a half gallon of Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream from Baskin Robbins and we are going to enjoy some time with one another and a high calorie dairy product!  It just doesn’t get any better than that!


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    Nana Croc said,

    I am on Nana Croc’s computer but this is Pop’s Just wanted to say that it is great to always be either at the circus or the zoo. What could be better than to live in both.

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