Today was a big day.  Baseball boy’s first day of fall games.  The season actually started a couple of weeks ago but got rained out the first weekend and he was in Tigerland last so today was the start for him.  It began with a double-header.  Beginning at 9:00 a.m. this morning.  No sleeping in, no Mrs. Winner’s cinnamon rolls.  In fact, breakfast was the first hurdle of the morning.  With my newfound determination to have meals planned in advance and a $250 grocery bill last Saturday you would think the pantry would be well stocked.  However, I would like to give you a brief run-down of the food I have allowed my family to consume today:

Football boy: Breakfast-one mint chocolate chip poptart, Ballgame-Nana and Papaw purchased him not one, but two large Pepsi’s and some popcorn, Lunch-One hotdog from the snack bar at Target and another Coke, Supper-homemade pizza that was supposed to be next Friday’s meal but at 6:00 tonight when I had not yet cooked or set anything out, Chef Boy Ardee came to the rescue.  I also realized that the children had not had anything even close to a fruit or veggie so I threw in some applesauce for good measure.  This was not appreciated and I was told it was disgusting–it tasted like apples! (huh, who would have guessed?), and three fudge graham cookies.

Baseball boy: Breakfast-one brown sugar and cinnamon poptart, Ballgame-one small pepsi (free team drink) after the ballgame, Lunch-bag of popcorn and coke from Target snack bar, Supper-homemade pizza, tropical fruit salad, pretzels, animal cookies.

Dancer girl:  Breakfast– one-half of a brown sugar and cinnamon poptart (It was all we had left) and chocolate milk, Ballgame-one push up sucker from Nana and some contraband water I snuck in because we had a double header and I spent my last 50 cents Thursday. Lunch-One children’s hotdog from Target snack bar and split a Diet Pepsi with me, Supper-homemade pizza, mandarin oranges, chocolate milk and three fudge grahams.

Tigerfan-Breakfast– one strawberry poptart (last one), Ballgame-one large Pepsi, Lunch-One all-beef hotdog from none other than the Target Snack bar, Supper– homemade pizza, After children go to bed snack so we do not have to share-Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream in a waffle bowl.

Me: Breakfast-half a bowl of Cheerios (we ran out) and half a bowl of Frosted Flakes (we ran out) and two cups of water, Ballgame-nothing dancer drank my water and what was left I had to give to Baseball boy because he left his contraband bottle in the car, Lunch-bag of popcorn from Target snack bar and split a Diet Pepsi with Dancer, Supper-homemade Pizza and another diet Pepsi (so much for my 6-8 cups of water today), After kids go to bed snack-Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream in a waffle bowl.

I know, you are astounded at my ability to feed my children when the cupboards are bare!  I will let you know what I decide to feed them for breakfast tomorrow considering that in the hour and a half we spent at Target after the ballgame, I never once considered picking up a box of cereal or some other quick, Sunday morning breakfast.

Anyway, we won our 1st game got completely trampled on in the second game, went to Target (how else would we feed our children) and then came home where I decided the boys closet had to be cleaned out and organized TODAY so instead of playing or bonding we spent hours pulling out bins of toys and organizing them.  Football boy let us know that was totally okay, however, because he loves to be organized which was completely evident by the fact that we couldn’t even figure out what types of toys were supposed to be in about half the bins.

We finished up the day by eating homemade pizza in the living room and watching Angels in the Outfield which is a very cute movie with an astounding ability to overuse a certain four letter word beginning with “b” and referring to your backside.  All in all, I would say that based solely on today, I should be receiving my nomination for Mother of the Year any day now.  I think I am a shoe-in!


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    sherrie said,

    Thank you for clarifying what the”b” word was. I was going through my list of common 5th grade cuss words and I couldn’t come up with a four-letter “b” Word. I think perhaps my kids are progressed to a high level of cursing!

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