From the Mouths of Babes

I had a whole post in my head about the joys of foundational undergarments during pregnancy # 4 but the kids have said some cute things today that just seem so much more appropriate for a Sunday.  Don’t worry, Aunt Quack, I’ll come back to the other post later!

 We arrived at church a few minutes early tonight so Tigerfan could attend the pre-service deacon prayer time.  So, the kids and I decided to go to the Library.  The children began looking for books and I began talking while they made their selections.  I must admit, I wasn’t really paying much attention, I mean, it is a CHURCH library.  We checked out our books and proceeded to the sanctuary where the service was about to begin.  I set everything down in a pile next to me and didn’t think much about it until the preaching began and Dancer girl asked to look at her book.  It was only then, as I pulled the book from the pile that I noticed her one and only selection:  “Someone I know Died” a beautifully illustrated and I am sure well written book about a loved ones death.  I just had to laugh. hysterically. As the preaching continued.  And my sweet Tigerfan asked why in the world I would let her check out a book like that.  Because I am an only partly sane 35 year old pregnant woman with three kids and more sleep deprived than common sense blessed.  “Momma, will you read it to me?” she asked. I, of course, answered later–just look at the pictures for now!

As this was going on in our pew, the people behind us were getting tickled with their son.  Our pastor had just begun preaching and had announced that he had a pet peeve.  To which the 4th grade boy leaned over and declared to his mother that he didn’t know our pastor had a pet pig!

Finally, as we were driving home it began to sprinkle a little bit.  We have had a bit of a drought this summer, and Dancer girl has helped me as I struggled to keep our plants watered and alive.  We have worked especially hard at caring for a hibiscus plant out back.  When we noticed the drops of rain, I commented on how nice it was to see the rain and how I was glad it had held off until we could do some work on the pool this afternoon.  Dancer girl quickly agreed and added that she was thankful because the rain would give water to my “high biscuits.”

I hope everyone has a great week, stay tuned for the next mind numbing post which should include far more information about cup sizes than you probably ever bargained for!  (This will of course be dedicated to Quack!)


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