More Information than you Would Ever Ask to Know

Warning:  This post not suitable for young children!  🙂

Okay, being of “Advanced Maternal Age” when expecting child number four has its disadvantages.  You balloon up to a ridiculous size at approximately 8 weeks, you are tired all the time, and you hear things like: “Are you sure it’s not twins?” at alarming rates.  Not to mention current maternity clothes are enough to make a person INSANE!  I know what you are thinking-the styles are soooo much cuter than they used to be.  I know you are thinking that because that is what I was thinking before I had to put them on my body.  Let me tell you, they are made strictly for looks, not comfort!!!

However, I have found the silver lining (besides, of course, the bundle of joy at the end of the nine months)!  As anyone can tell you, especially my mother and sisters, the women in my family are not, well—well endowed.  Let me illustrate:

In the summer between my freshman and sophmore years of college, my precious mom decided to take me shopping for a new bra.  We went to a department store with a lady who helped size you.  So, I went into the dressing room with a total stranger and bared all so I could be measured and fitted just right.  When the incredibly embarrassing fitting was over, I left the fitting room, new A cup undergarments in hand with the “nice lady” who gave me a huge smile, patted me on the back and congratulated me on how I was developing very nicely.  In case she may be reading this now–that was it!!!There was no more developing!

Leap ahead several years and three children later and while many other parts of me have increased dramatically in size, that particular area has not!  Until now!  I have whined about how big I am, I have moaned about outgrowing maternity clothes, but hear me now–I will not complain about outgrowing my bra!  It has become a little bit of a joke around here until last week when the “overflowing” cups just became painful and I informed Tigerfan that I had no choice but to go find a bigger (grin) undergarment.  Now, I am a realist, I realize in just a few short months all this will end and I will return to my former self and so not wanting to break the bank, we headed to Target.  People, they were having a clearance sale!  For a mere $8.48 I purchased a lovely little number (in a B) and excitedly brought it home.  Please excuse the bragging, but I filled that baby out AND I really think I could go up one more size!  Can you imagine me, in a C cup, now that is something to grin about!

And so, while I know it is temporary, I will enjoy my recent developing for as long as I can, and if you need me, you can probably find me in intimate apparel section at Target!  Happy Shopping!


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  1. 1

    Pops said,

    This is very good. Not being an expert on the detaills of womens undergarments (The only thing I really know is a zebra is the biggest they make)I can only chuckle at your joy.


  2. 2

    sherrie said,

    Sadly, (as I recall) the problem with the bigger chest is that is is balanced by the bigger tummy so no one even knows we are oh so big – but it’s just nice to know that once in our lives we really are buxom!

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