Sleeping in the Rain

We have rain!  Lots and lots and lots of rain.  It began last night.  Tigerfan woke me up out of a wonderful Benadryl induced sleep to tell me Dancer girl was crying.  I must have muttered something unitelligable because he got up to tend to her and while he was up I heard an ENORMOUS clap of thunder.  It was a mere few seconds before I heard the scurrying of little feet and assumed Dancer was coming to join us for the evening!  However, moments later, Tigerfan returned with Dancer in tow so I was forced to wake up a little more to realize Football boy had also come to join us and they were jockeying for the best sleeping bag position closest to our bed.  Football boy apparently won out.  I drifted back to sleep only to be awakened a few minutes later by Football boy who was standing by the bed insisting that we all needed to get downstairs to the bathroom (our tornado shelter).  I convinced him that it was just storm and there was no tornado and threatend cajoled him back into the sleeping bag and back to sleep.  I was only slightly bitter this morning and am somewhat ashamed to admit that when he told me he didn’t sleep that well because everytime it thundered, Dancer grabbed his arm and cuddled up to him, I smiled with just a little satisfaction.

As you can imagine, we got a slow start this morning.  It was still raining, the alarm didn’t go off and it was very overcast which made for a late, groggy morning.  We did, finally, get going however and the day was okay.  I usually make a “big” lunch on Wednesday because we eat supper at church and it is usually not the most nutritious meal.  At least if I make lunch, I know the kids are getting a couple of servings of veggies and fruit.  So, mid-morning, I began to prepare.  I also was in charge of snacks for Bible Study tonight so I started to work on that as well.  During this, Baseball Boy, who has a healthy respect for all things edible, came in and asked what I was fixing.  I replied we were going to have sloppy joes (Manwich–I know, the nutritional value is questionable but, hey, I am trying!) He wanted to know where I got the recipe, was it Amish or Menus 4 Moms.  Apparently my tendency to get obsessed with trying new recipes based on my latest interest is warping the little guy.  He even asked me this afternoon as I was assembling a Mississippi Mud Cake where I got that recipe.  I said Nana Croc had been making it forever and she probably learned it from her Momma.  Baseball boy’s reply:  “Is she Amish?”

Anyway, it is getting late and I am sleepy so I am going to bed (without drugs tonight!).  I will be turning off the electric lights, flushing using indoor plumbing, and will not be getting up to milk cows in the morning–although the cow thing might be nice because despite the fact that we have been to the store every day for the last three days, we are about out of milk.  So, “Gut Night” !  Hope to see you back tomorrow!


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