Weekend Fun!

Well, we had a busy day yesterday and I didn’t quite make it to blogging…I am going downhill fast!  We schooled in the morning and did pretty well.  Our goal on Fridays is to try to be through by lunchtime and yesterday, we actually did it!  I took the opportunity to do some much needed vaccuuming and laundry.  While I was folding laundry Dancer came into the room and sat down on the couch with some lacing cards.  She wanted me to show her how to do them the “right way”.  So I showed her how to go in and out and after a couple cards she had it down pat.  She kept going back and getting more cards, making sure the lace color matched the color of the card (she gets that from her Daddy).  All of a sudden, she sat straight up and declared, “Momma, I just had a think!”  I laughed and asked her what her “think” was.  She has decided that since she is so good at sewing her cards, she can just start sewing our baby’s clothes for him.  She wanted to know when we could go get her a sewing machine and some of that “stuff” you sew with (material) so she could make him a dolphin outfit.  Maybe she has a future in fashion design!

Anyway, after unsuccessfully trying to take a nap, I started getting ready for supper, the kids hadn’t seen Nana and Papaw all week and had begged for them to come eat with us so I began to try to find something I had enough of to feed them!   As I was doing this football boy set up a Halloween Craft Center and entertained the other two making footprint ghosts, haunted houses and hanging spiders anywhere they could that they thought might scare the pants of Nana when she came to eat.

They were sooo sweet-about ten projects later, they bored of this and actually cleaned up after themselves. And did a good job.  Wow!  Dancer helped me make some spaghetti and an apple pie and we visited the night away until Nana and Papaw had to go home. We played a little, put the kids in bed and Tigerfan and I watched Wild Hogs.  We had heard it was a really good movie and we hadn’t seen one in ages so I guess our expectations were a little high because we thought it was okay, but we were not just amazed by the movie making brilliance we had expected.

This morning we had a ballgame.  It started a little rough with our boys behind 10-3 and baseball boy striking out his first at bat.  But I guess they finally woke up and we ended up winning 13-12 so it was all good!  Tigerfan is working at the “Shoutfest” today and Football boy was going to meet him and hang out for awhile.  I asked the other two what they wanted to do and, of course, they wanted to go to the toy store.  This was actually okay with me because I am beginning my annual pre-Christmas nervous breakdown a little early this year.  It usually doesn’t hit until mid-October but with the added pressure of HAVING to have it all done before baby, I have already begun freaking out just a little bit.  So, we loaded up, football boy with us, and headed to Toys “R” Us for a wonderful hour or so of, “Momma, do we have to look at girl stuff?”  “Momma, can we please stop looking at boy things and go to the babies?”  “Momma, do you know what happened on the last Zach and Cody episode?” (that would be baseball boy whose total ability to converse revolves around food or retelling every moment of a television show or commercial).  Football boy’s attention soon ran out because he really just wanted to see the important stuff (what he wanted) and then go meet his daddy.  Dancer was a little impatient because she had a startling $6.00 that was burning a hole in her wallet.  Everything we passed we had this conversation:

Dancer: “Momma, I like this!”

Momma:  “Good, we will put it on your Christmas list”

Dancer: “But I have 2 dollars (she actually has 6 but it is in the form of a one dollar bill and a five dollar bill so in her four year old mind it is two, I tried to explain, it didn’t go well, and so…)

Mommy:  “Yes honey, but that game is $49.99, you do not have enough”

Dancer:  “I like this too, can I buy it?”

Mommy:  “No, Sweetie, that baby is $29.99, you do not have enough”

Dancer:  “But I want to buy something!”

We would then proceed to the next aisle with lip protruding and asking me approximately 357 times what she could do to earn more money.

At the end of the trip, the boys each have a list of 5 or 6 things they really want–one of them being a real drum-set–I already have a headache!  Dancer however has a book, so in case anyone is wondering or wants to get an early start, you can just head over to the nearest Toys “R” Us or Target (yes, we went there after dropping off football boy) and walk down any aisle that has pink in it.  If you see a baby, she wants it.  If you see a swing, baby bed, high chair, or any other thing you can put a baby in, she wants it.  If you see a Polly Pocket, Littlest Pet Shop or My Little Pony, she wants it.  If you see a kitchen (she has one), a vanity (she has one), or stroller (she has three), she wants it.  If you see an electronic game, a show related toy or a musical instrument of any kind, she wants it.  I may have left something out but I think a good rule of thumb to follow is:  If it can be found in a retail establishment and is located in an aisle that has even a smattering of pink, she wants it and you are totally safe-even if she already have it, duplicate items are really just icing on the cake!

We were supposed to run into a consignment sale after all this and check out the maternity clothes, but frankly, I am just tired.  So we got some 20 oz. drinks, a candy bar for each of us and are now back home where I am allowing my sweet children to sit on the couch with the television on AND Football boy’s nintendo DS in hand so I can sit in front of the computer and blog–there is nothing wrong with that….right? 

I will soon be getting up to pop the frozen pizza in the oven and play a little with the kiddos before baths and bed.  I feel myself getting a little closer every day to that Mother of the Year award and really–I think I deserve it!


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    Pops said,

    I like the pink aisle rule. This ought to make the Christmas shopping easy this year. Not that we will start any earlier however.


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