Sweet Sunday

After a great morning at church and a good lunch at Catfish Galley, we went home to attempt to take a nap (thwarted by two young boys who shall remain nameless).  We then rushed to an afternoon baseball game.  Baseball boy did great and they won 21-6.  Very impressive for a team that won a whopping 1 game during the spring season!  Then we rushed to church to hear football boy’s choir sing and attend a business meeting.  WE have a new children’s minister!  Yeah!  Came home, fed the kiddos and Tigerfan and I just ate supper and are getting ready to sit down for a quick dessert (apple pie for him, Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream for me…because we need those calories at 9:30 at night).  Then we are headed up to read and go to bed.  Ya gotta love the day of rest!


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    Pops said,

    CATFISH GALLEY wow it is Christmas for you anytime. O for a hushpuppy to peal and eat and a slab of real catfish. I am going to have to quit reading these blogs just to keep my jealousy under control.

    Catfish Pops

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