I sat in front of the computer last night so I could type my blog, but I came up with nothing.  I checked a few of my favorite blogs for inspiration.  I read: In the Midst of It and thought, wow! she is a mother of three who is homeschooling and has a child with a serious medical condition and yet she is organized, redecorates her house, knits, crochets and is learning to sew.  No inspiration, just awe!

I moved on to Boo Mama who is always funny, always has something to say even when she thinks she doesn’t have anything to say and has a blog following of about a million people.  Again, no inspiration, just amazement!

Big Mama organized her closets this weekend–I can’t even find my closets!

DCRmom gave us hair advice and even a little fashion advice.  I cannot give advice.  While the length and cut of my hair has changed frequently over the last few years, my ability to style it has remained staunchly the same.  I also cannot just leap into fashion discussions because not only have I been fashion challenged for many years, but these days my fashion is limited to highly uncomfortable overly tight maternity clothes most of which have been loaned to me by giving souls.

And so…I went to bed.  And frankly, I am glad because I am tired.  I am still tired.  I am not sure whether it is homeschooling three children and teaching 5th grade at the tutorial twice a week or if it is being 6 months pregnant with number 4 or I guess more likely a combination thereof, but I have no inspiration.  I am just tired.  I would like to be witty.  I would like to be humorous. I would like to be inspiring.  Or maybe just interesting.  But right now I am too tired to be creative or inspiring or a Martha Stewart wanna be.

I need to go grade papers, check homework, type out Science Fair info., help football boy begin his Science Fair research, get work to take to Nana’s tomorrow while I am at the doctor, fix supper, check bookbags, and help with homework.  I have not vaccuumed upstairs in a week, my bedroom looks like goodwill exploded between baby clothes and maternity clothes that have been given to us but I have nowhere to store, I have not turned in my registration to our umbrella school.  I have to update my tutorial website and plan a Sunday School lesson, and the list goes on. 

So maybe tomorrow I will have something to say.  Maybe tomorrow I will feel a little less overwhelmed OR maybe tomorrow a life organizer will come to my house and get me pulled together (hey, I can still dream), but for now I must go work: help learn spelling words and measure some angles and start a somewhat nutritous meal.  I will have no delusions of grandeur but maybe tomorrow I will accomplish a little more than just getting by and maybe I will have a story to tell.  Until then, I will try to remember that “A cheerfull heart doeth good like a medicine.”  Proverbs 17:22

By the way, quick update on Dancer girl, today at tutorial, she got moved to the yellow light AGAIN!  In ten years of parenting boys, neither of them ever got their names moved, ever!  And yet, in a mere six weeks, Dancer has managed to get hers moved twice–and she is my quiet and shy one!  Did I mention I was tired?


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    Pops said,

    Well you may be tired but you are still funny. Keep up the good work.


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