Why I Love Being a Mom

I realize I have been in somewhat of a funk lately.  I have been very whiny and grumpy.  Anyway, I have been reading a book that has reminded me of the importance of positive thinking and having a good attitude.  So, in the name of positive thinking, I am not going to whine, complain, or be sarcastic.  I am going to be totally positive and remind myself why I love being a mom.

  • I love to wake my babies up in the morning and find Dancer hiding under her pillow and acting like a puppy every morning, Baseball boy grabbing me and hugging me and not letting me go, and Football boy jumping up and ready to get started on the day!
  • I love that Dancer loves to display her newest dance moves, some are even actual steps she has been taught, everywhere there is an empty spot and room to spin.
  • I love to give baseball boy a big kiss on the cheek and have my lips sink in to that remaining “baby fat” that is still lingering.
  • I love it when Football boy sees me getting worn out or stressed out and just comes in and gives me a hug.
  • I love that I have the amazing privilege to school my kids at home and have never had the gut wrenching first day of school seperation I hear so much about.
  • I love that my children actually like being home and at this point would choose home school over any other option–despite the fact that their mother is an overly stressed out “freak” much of the time.
  • I love that we can get baseball boy to play just about anything, taste just about anything, and probably do just about anything as long as there is money to be made!
  • I love that the boys fight more over who gets to play with their younger sister than they fight over who gets to torment her the worst.
  • I love that before I drop Dancer off anywhere she has to stop and kiss the baby (my tummy) before she leaves.
  • I love that every time we get in the car to go somewhere, Dancer pretends we are on a roller coaster (so it is of course necessary to drive down the road with both hands in the air screaming which is somewhat dangerous but quite fun!) or in an airplane (at which point I must recite the pre-flight warnings about oxygen masks, seatbelts, and tray tables) going to Nana Croc’s, Aunt Shauna’s or California ( I have no idea why the last one).
  • I love our good night time when the children list their best part of the day and always say the whole day and nothing was the worst part despite the fact that their insane mother lost her temper 592 times.
  • I love bedtime snuggling when all three fight for position so they can be close and cuddle with me.
  • I love bedtime prayers where Dancer prays for EVERYONE including the chefs from the Food Channel, everyone in the world, and everyone with a stuffy nose or a booboo.
  • I love to hear Football boy pray for his great grandparents,  his little sister, and a little missionary boy from China every night.
  • I love that Baseball boy says the same prayer, with the same words, as fast as he can every night–usually with a big grin when he is done.
  • I love to go in their rooms to kiss them at the end of the day and just see their peaceful little faces.
  • I love the stories they tell, the friendships they make, and the silly things they say that make me laugh even in the grumpiest of moods.
  • I love being a mom. 

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