She’s a Maniac (only not in a good way)!

Yeah! Another Thursday night has rolled around and another bag of peanut M&M’s waits (along with popcorn and a Diet Coke, of course) to be consumed in monumental proportions so that in a few months I will look at the scale and the reflection in the mirror and wonder why I just can’t seem to lose this baby fat.

The children are in bed, although not without plenty of bedtime drama over the unfairness of not getting to read in the bed tonight.  Tigerfan is in the shower so I am enjoying a few minutes of total peace and quiet.  It has been a long day, so the time is quite appreciated.  It is Science Fair time and while I try to make it as easy as possible on my kiddos, since 5th grade is the first year to compete, it is always a huge undertaking.  This year,  however, I have a child doing a project–so from the parent aspect I am saying: “What are they thinking!!!  Do they know how much work it is!”  I would like to say all kinds of mean and threatening things about the teacher who would assign this project, but I would be talking about myself and my own children say enough about me so I will refrain!

Anyway, we worked on Bibliographies today, UGH!  I am getting more tired just thinking about it!  We came home and ate, did a little math, played a little while, I had a mild breakdown about the childrens’ idea of cleaning up , especially because their playground happened to be my bedroom today, and we took baseball boy to practice.  Football boy, Dancer and I then had to run to the grocery store to make and emergency chocolate milk and M&M run (hey, we know what is important).  We returned home where I was supposed to fix supper but on putting things away from the car, I happened into Dancer’s bedroom to find everything that wasn’t left on the floor in my room had been crammed onto the floor of her closet.  So I did what any mature, 35 year old pregnant woman would do and sat in the floor and cried, and cried, and cried.  There may possibly have been some hormones involved!  Anyway, I did eventually feed the troops.  I read them a chapter from our latest read aloud book and then we read a few books in their beds so they did at least go to bed with a somewhat better image then a crazed mother on the rampage about cleaning.  Just think, only 82 days of pregnancy hormones and exhaustion left!  And then we will have another little angel that I can warp with my post-pregnancy hormone surges–Isn’t it great to be a woman 🙂

I really am trying to just remember  “A cheerful heart doeth good like a medicine.”  I know someday I will look back on these days with fondness and affection, like when my boys are going through it with their wives and I am enjoying the payback, or when Dancer is experiencing it on her own.  As I forge through each parenting stage, I often feel compelled to call Momma and apologize for the pain I caused her growing up.  So, Mom, I am sorry about the whole birdnest on the floor when you were expecting, I am sorry for the nasty room and for “cleaning” by hiding everything under the bed, I am sorry for silly arguments with my sisters and for calling you at work so you could solve them for us, I am sorry for turning my nose up at the meals you lovingly prepared for us after working all day long, if only I would have known……I do not know how you maintained your sanity and while I am sure you had your moments, I do not remember ever thinking you were an out of control maniac as I know I am–however, it is nothing a little popcorn and House Hunters can’t fix!  So Happy Thursday, ya’ll!


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    tquack said,

    stop trying to suck up to mom. do you really appreciate all those things or is it just more hormones? I am just kidding being a mommy sure has a way of shining light on what good parents we have doesn’t it. I love you

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