A Whole Lot of Nothing

Here are a few of the rambling thoughts I have had today.  None of them make a very interesting post on their own.  I am not sure they make an interesting post combined, but it is all I’ve got!

1.  I mentioned last night that I forgot to tell how Tigerfan tried to blow us up.  I know that cliffhanger has left you biting your nails at the edge of your seats, so here goes.  I mentioned a couple of posts ago that our pool cover had finally arrived and so we were preparing to close it up.  Which was really a relief because, as I may have mentioned, it is a little depressing when your pool that is not even being used is cleaner than your floors.  Anyway, I had gone out and vaccuumed and the next step was to shock the pool before covering it the next morning.  We had one bag of shock left over from the summer so Tigerfan had gone to the pool store and bought about three more.  After supper, I was cleaning dishes.  The boys were clearing the table and Dancer was, of course, still eating since it is totally reasonable to take two hours to eat any given meal.  Tigerfan went out to shock the pool.  It wasn’t long before he came running in the house telling us to look out the window but get away from it.   I looked out to see a five gallon bucket of what can only be compared to witches brew.  Steam was shooting out and bubbling liquid was pouring out the sides.  What was it?  Well, apparently, the chemicals in the left over bag of shock and the chemicals in the new bags of shock were not the same and, in fact, when combined form a highly combustible substance.  I think the only thing that kept a true explosion from occuring was that we only had one of the old bags left.  So, the lesson to be learned here is NEVER mix pool chemicals.  Even if you think they are the same thing…. however, if you are planning to scare the pants off someone this Halloween, I can hook you up with the ingredients for a very authentic homemade “bomb”!

2.  Dancer got put on yellow light again today!  What is a mother to do?  Is it just me or is there just something really wrong with the fact that my sweet, quiet, shy princess has been in trouble at school three times in seven weeks.  Worse, she is not even remorseful.  When we were talking about it today she just rolled her eyes at me and said, “okay, I will try to stay on green the next day!” and walked out of the room.  I think the problem is that she still gets a sticker for the day even if she gets on yellow so she figures what does she have to lose.  It doesn’t help that one of her best friends (and according to her, her future husband) has been in trouble so much that his mother has started making him wear a green shirt every day to remind him what color his name is SUPPOSED to be on at the end of the day.  Is this a match made in heaven or…?

3.  My in-laws were wonderful enough to treat us to supper at Fazoli’s tonight.  We used to do this every Tuesday at one of the places in town that had kids night.  They did it to help me out since I teach at tutorial on Tuesdays.  However, a while back we decided every week might be overdoing it a little both on their pocket book and on our waistlines, so now it is just an occasional but highly appreciated treat.  Anyway, what should have been a fun, great evening was a little subdued when Football boy began crying and informing us that he hated Fazoli’s and everything there is disgusting.  Who knew?  He always clears his plate, usually before anyone else but apparently it is only a great sacrifice on his part.  I thought as children grew older their pickiness got a little better but the reverse seems to be true for him.  I never know from day to day what meal or food that he has eaten his entire life is all of the sudden completely inedible.  Anyway, he managed to “choke down” an entire bowl of spaghetti and I stopped to get some ice cream for the crew on the way home.  As I was putting it in the deep freeze, imagine the joyous surprise when I realized there was Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream in the freezer that I had completely forgotten about!  Don’t you love surprises like that.  I could hardly wait to put the kids in bed and enjoy my treat, because obviously a treat such as that can only be enjoyed in a child free environment (otherwise, I might have had to share! 🙂 )

4.  We capped the evening off with a game night.  Tigerfan was out mowing so I soloed with the kids.  We started off with Clue which is one of our favorites.  It is really uncanny how many times Baseball boy wins this game and never once writes anything down.  He just hops all over the board and somehow manages to solve the mystery a vast majority of the time.  Dancer just enjoys taking the people and hopping them around from room to room much to the aggravation of football boy whose person she usually chooses to move.  Tonight, however was my night and I solved the mystery.  My reward?  I got the honor of playing another game:  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I feel certain that the makers of this game have evil intents and are working hard at driving good people everywhere to the brink of insanity.  The game is just horrible on so many levels and yet, my children thoroughly enjoy it.  Probably because they enjoy watching my pain because they know how much I hate it.  I am not exaggerating, I hate that game!!!!  We made it through with only the slightest amount of yelling, screaming and threats (from me, the children acted like, well children).  Maybe I should jump on the giveaway bandwagon.  For anyone who leaves a comment on this post, I will enter them in a contest to win a slightly used but in great condition Charlie and the Chocolate Factory board game.  Great addition to a family’s game library and sure to provide minutes of fun and family togetherness.  I will leave the comment line open indefinitely.

I guess that is all I have for today.  I have rambled my way through a whole lot of nothing and now it is time to turn in for the night!  And remember to enter the Charlie give away…I You won”t regret it very much.


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