The Power of Power

I woke up this morning prepared for a pretty average day.  It was supposed to be just another day but our friends are out of school for fall break so I told the kids we would just do a little school this morning and then their friends could come over and spend the day.  I had big plans that since the children would be entertained by friends, I would get much accomplished!  I planned on vaccuuming the whole house and maybe even cleaning the baseboards, washing all the sheets, trying to organize the clothes explosion in my bedroom and maybe even cook a meal for our next door neighbor whose husband had a heart attack last night. 

I got up, read my blogs, and woke the children who were all more than willing to start the day because they knew their friends were coming.  We got chores done and school began with great attitudes.  A few minutes before 9:00 as Baseball boy was reading to me, we get a knock on the door.  It was the local power company wanting to inform me that they would be replacing a power pole and our power would be out for at least two hours.  I thanked him for telling me, said that would be fine, closed the door, and then my senses returned to me.  TWO HOURS!  I was about to have six children in the house all day long and we were not going to have power.  At first, I laughed and told the children we better call their friends because our phones would be out and we wouldn’t be able to get them.  We called them and told them to come when they were ready and then I called Tigerfan to tell him he wouldn’t be able to get us unless he called my cell phone.  He, being the bearer of good news that he is, reminded me that because we are on a well and use a pump, not only would we have no lights or phone or television or computer, we also would have no running water, no use of the toilets, etc.  Did I mention I was going to have six children ALL day?  I am sure he would have thought of more ways to encourage me, but at just that moment, we lost power.

The kids began asking me what we were going to do and I laughingly told them everything would be fine but that we had to keep the refrigerator and freezer closed so food didn’t ruin and oh, by the way, you cannot use the bathroom.  For at least two hours.  I would also like to add that by this time I had begun my list of To do’s and had stripped the sheets off of every bed in the house.  The first load had washed and I had just put them in the dryer.  So they were soaking wet.  The second load had just started in the washing machine and had been there just long enough to be completely submerged in water so there was no going back on the whole “let’s wash the sheets” idea.

The kids started fretting a little about what they were going to do, they really wanted to show their friends this video and they really wanted to do something on the computer.  Now, anyone who knows me knows I have a freakish mild obsession with the Amish culture.  I read every Amish book I can find, cook Amish recipes, drug my children to Amish country this summer and regularly inform my children of how nice life would be if we would be more simple like the Amish.  Usually they just mock me but this summer they got pretty excited about the whole Amish idea when I informed them that I had learned that at the supper table the Amish did not use traditional table manners.  For instance, they just say, “pass the potatoes.”  Not “please” or “thankyou”  I think it has something to do with being seperate from the world and not being prideful, but the point is: no “please” etc.  I also learned that when they burp, etc. at the table they do not excuse themselves because it is really just a sign to the cook that the meal was very good.  My children (boys especially) thought this was lovely and for several days went around burping and not excusing themselves because they were Amish.  I informed them that was fine as long as they no longer used the indoor plumbing or watched T.V. or used the computers and they very quickly found their manners.  This morning, however, I decided to make the most of our situation and tell the kids we got to be Amish–no indoor plumbing, no T.V., no computer, hey, I couldn’t even cook!  The immediate response:  “Alright, we can burp all we want and we don’t have to say excuse me!”

I am so proud!

The worst part of the morning was the whole no bathroom thing.  I had warned all the children and had even suggested playing inside out of the heat so they didn’t get as thirsty because obviously drinking a lot would result in the need for other facilities that were incapacitated.  Who suffered the most?  Not the three year old or the four year old.  ME!  People, I am a 35 year old pregnant woman that is obsessive about drinking my 6-8 cups of water a day.  By 9:00 this morning when the power went out, I had drank almost 4 cups of water and had a baby the size of an elephant using my bladder as his trampoline!  I tried, I really did, but by 11:00 (when we still had no power) I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I snuck away into the bathroom and used the facilities–a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!  And may I say that it made the final hour of no power much more bareable!

We finally got turned back on around noon today–it really wan’t that bad.  The kids were great and I was able to feed them once the power came back on.  They were really sweet considering.  And somehow, despite the fact that my house is still not vaccuumed, we have clean, dry sheets, the beds are remade, the house has been dusted (even around the crown molding!), the baseboards in the living room have been cleaned and all things Amish have been put aside for another time.

Dancer girl and I had a hilarious conversation on the way home from dance–I even asked her permission to write about it, but by the time we got home, I am embarrased to say I had already forgotten what we talked about.  I also need to update everyone on how Tigerfan tried to blow us up this weekend, but that is going to have to be another day because it is midnight and 5:30 comes way to soon.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


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    Pops said,

    This is a post for the Chocolate Factory Article but I did not want to risk getting the game. I am surprised you hate it so because after all it is chocolate.

    You are just to stinking funny!

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