Small but Mighty

In the name of full disclosure, I would like to say that I have Tigerfan’s permission to discuss today’s riveting blog topic and he has even offered a few suggestions of what should be included. 

Today, Tigerfan took it upon himself to make sure there are no more surprise babies in our future!  Originally we planned for me to do this after the arrival of our blessed surprise.  But due to some major changes in our insurance when the new year arrives and that we learned that 1 in 400 tubals results in a surprise while only 1 in 4000 vasectomies does, we decided to go that route.  He has been a trooper about the whole thing.

He was supposed to go in a 4:00 this afternoon but last week we got a letter that there were traces of blood in his urine so he had to have some extra tests which involved him getting there at 1:00 and not eating anything after midnight, so the poor guy was starving to death with a terrible headache when he got there for four hours of being poked and prodded in places no man wants to be poked and prodded.

The urologist was quite entertaining as well as quite blunt.  We had heard stories about him and while he was on good behavior because a lady was present (that is me in case you are wondering), I believe the stories are true!

One of the tests Tigerfan had to endure was having his bladder looked at which they do by, and this is a direct quote from the DR., sticking a scope in his “ying yang” until it reaches the bladder and looking around.  When this was finished, Tigerfan mentioned that he really needed to use the bathroom.  That was fine, they said, but you can’t get up.  So his humiliation continued as he laid on the table, feet in stirrups (which as a sidenote I have to say I found a bit of satisfaction in–I mean how many times have we women endured this situation, it is only right the man do it one time for empathy sake!) with the male nurse holding his aforementioned “ying yang” while he took care of business.  During said events, Tigerfan released a small amount of gas, to which the Dr. responded (very professionally, I might add) “Fire One!”  He then proceeded to tell us a story about doing a procedure on his Mother In Law (which he pointed out he did not want to do but she insisted) and she also released some gas and then tee teed (my words-not his) all over him!  You learn a lot in a urologist’s office.

Anyway, Tigerfan is doing well. He is resting on the couch and I am providing him with regular intervals of frozen peas.  We are told if he rests and takes it easy he should be back and going in just a couple of days.  All his extra tests came out fine so all in all the day has been a success and, in my mind at least, totally worth it.  (Tigerfan might argue with that last statement, but I am sure the peace of mind later will be worth it!)

Oh, one last thing before I go the vas whatever that they removed were, in the Dr.’s words extremely small.  He said he really had to dig for them (how painful does that sound).  Tigerfan said, “they may be small, but they are powerful!”  The nurse theorized that the combination of his small vas things and a girl from Idaho make a fertile combination–I don’t know, but they are gone now, someone else is going to have to try to repopulate the world, we are through!!!


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    NANA CROC said,

    Sounds like it was a very interesting day! I am a firm believer that it is only fair that our guys do their part in this fertility thing! Isn’t it great to know that you no longer need to worry!

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