Not Much to Blog About

Another weekend has come and gone.  Each Friday I promise myself I am not going to neglect my little blog.  But here it is Sunday night and I haven’t typed a thing.  If it was because of all the exciting living I was doing, that would probably be okay but I must honestly say, I have no good excuse.  We have been home quite a lot this weekend so Tigerfan could recover from his “procedure” and be ready to go back to work tomorrow.  He has done great and has really had very little pain…so, all you men out there that are too chicken to have this done…you have no excuses!!!

Friday we had a regular school day although we did try to be quiet and let Daddy rest.  Football boy wanted a game day, so when he finished school, he and Daddy played games, baseball boy played on the computer, Dancer took a nap and I FINALLY cleaned up all the clothes in our bedroom.  You can actually sit in the sitting area now!  Friday night we rented Charlotte’s Web and ordered pizza and had a pizza night!  Fun!  When the kids went to bed, Tigerfan and I tried to watch a movie but I made a very poor selection and after hearing the horrible language for about 10 minutes, we decided we had donated $5.00 to Blockbuster and watched a little TLC instead.  We watched the end of What Not to Wear which I always enjoy but it was followed up by a wedding dress show.  People, in the world of reality T.V. is there no limit?  I mean, I browsed through a lot of wedding magazines in my day–but truly, one full hour of watching people choose a wedding dress?  I really do not think this one is destined for greatness!

Saturday we had two ballgames.  One at 10:30 a.m.  One at 7:30 p.m.  Is there not just something wrong with that.  I would like to say how fun and exciting they were, but we were like the bad news bears and got absolutely blown away both games.  Tigerfan ventured out for the evening game but he was in mourning after the worst LSU ballgame of the season.  I know Kentucky fans are celebrating everywhere (most of them were sure to let me kow at church this morning) about their biggest win ever, but things were not pretty in our house, or car.

Anyway, after church and lunch this morning, my Mother-In-Law and I hit a consignment sale, today was 1/2 price day.  I have to say I didn’t have high hopes but think I did quite well.  I spent $23 and brought home a smocked, Sunday dress, a jeans/peasant shirt outfit with tags still attached, and two hair bows (New) for Dancer, and a Polo outfit for Baby.  This afternoon, we just stayed home and rested.  Tigerfan was laying low for the last day before going back to work so we watched an entertaining “show” of The Lion King put on by the children, played mall and birthday party and watched Extreme Home Makeover.  Pretty calm and uneventful.  I need to go make school plans for the week and would love to get in a little reading time before we turn in for the night, so I hope everyone has a wonderful week and maybe tomorrow something wonderfully blog-worthy will happen for your bloggy entertainment!


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