I mentioned yesterday that I hoped something wonderfully blogworthy happened today because I really needed something interesting to blog about.  I mean, I was really excited after months of reading other people’s blogs, to begin my own.  I thought I had so much to say, but after about 4 posts, I was tapped out!  I’ve always known I was a little boring, but you would think I could do a little better than that.  Anyway, I have soldiered on and most days managed to come up with something and figured that if nothing else my distant family would know what was going on with us, but tonight, I have been sitting here for ages trying to think of SOMETHING!!! I could give you a play by play of the day but I think I can some it up with a discussion I had with our Children’s Minister at church tonight.  We talked this morning while I was at tutorial and this evening he mentioned how much time I spent in that part of the church.  He then asked how the day was.  My response?  Uneventful.  We got through a complete tutorial day without offending the church groundskeeper or a visit from the fire marshall.  So all in all, while unexciting, the day was a success. 

I could say the same for the rest of the day.  Uneventful, I wouldn’t even say boring, just uneventful.  Tutorial, lunch, dental appointment, supper with grandparents, church visitation, home to bed.  This is not a bad thing.  No one is deathly ill, although Dancer woke up with an awful cough.  No one is fighting.  Homework is done.  There are even some really positive things:  My daddy had some tests today that came back good, good reports from the dentist, I do not have any pressing chores tonight so Tigerfan and I will probably get to turn in early!  But along with the peace of the day comes absolutely nothing to write about!  No clever words from the kids; we haven’t killed, lost or maimed any pets (which is unusual for us); Tigerfan hasn’t had any embarrasing moments that I can share with the blogging world (although the whole vasectomy things opens the door to so many things I would like to share but feel are probably inappropriate on what I perceive to be a family friendly blog).  So, while I have not entertained, inspired, or even kept anyone awake, I do feel extraordinarily grateful that for at least today in what is usually chaotic and crazed, we have this small time of peace.  If you have not, take a deep breath, rest well knowing you are in the arms of a loving Father, and do not worry, maybe tomorrow you can be as boring as me!!!! 🙂 


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    Pops said,

    Everyone deserves a day like this every once in a while. Just a deep breath and a sigh! An uneventful day that caused no stress. I’ll bet there are people lined up wishing they had experienced your day. This may have been your most envied blog yet.


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