Making a Joyful Noise

Well, I went for the gusto and provided my own blog fodder today.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning so we had to get our “Morning Musts” done and get ready so I could get the kids to Nana’s.  The children were being very cooperative and were dressed, etc and were eating breakfast as I read to them from our current novel, when the phone rang.  It was the nurse who gives me my weekly 17P injection asking if she could come this morning in about 30 minutes.  I told her that would be fine and then rushed through the chapter and got the kids moving along on chores.  They quickly made their beds, brushed teeth, sorted laundry, etc. and were ready to feed the dogs.  Each Mon., Wed., and Fri. while they feed the dogs I do a quick bathroom cleaning: scrub the toilets, wipe them down (we have three boys in the house, this is necessary), windex the mirrors and wipe down counters.  It is a really quick process and usually I can finish about the same time as the boys finish with the dogs and we can begin school.  So…I began cleaning and to pass the time I began singing me some Praise and Worship.  Loudly.  I mean, what is the point of praise and worship while you scrub toilets if you are not going to just belt it out.  I finished the two upstairs bathrooms and moved downstairs…the last toilet!  As I scrubbed and wiped I just sang my little heart out when suddenly I hear….”knock, knock, can I come in?”  It was the sweet nurse.  The boys had seen her drive up and told her not to go to the front and knock.  Just go on in through the garage and go in the house.  Where I was working on my recording contract.  I would also like to add that in order for her to get in the garage entrance, she had to step over the three piles of laundry sorted in the middle of the floor AND the huge pile of shoes I have sitting by the door to take to Goodwill because I finally cleaned out my closet.

I was mortified.  Of course, I didn’t want to admit it so I made some witty comment like, “hey, come on in, I am just scrubbing toilets!”  Quite profound really when what I wanted to say was, “please tell me you did not just injure yourself walking into my chaotic house and that by some miralcle I had taken a breather in my little concert and all you heard was the sound of the toilet brush cleansing the porcelain throne!”

 She was sooo sweet!  She never even commented on my concert and even went so far as to tell me how organized I was to already have laundry going and be scrubbing the toilets!  And frankly, I admire the insincerity of all those pleasantries.  However, when I walked her out I noticed that her mother was waiting out in the car.  They were getting ready to run errands together.  I am not sure, but I think I heard uncontrollable laughter wafting from that car on the way down the driveway.  Perhaps, though, I misunderstood.  Maybe they were striking up a nice chorus of  “How Great is Our God”.  Hey, a girl can dream!


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