Weekend Wrap-up

Okay, the weekend at a glance:

Friday night:  Nana and Papaw came over to stay with us while they got new flooring laid in their house.  The kids enjoyed visiting and went on to bed pretty early because they wanted to watch a movie in bed and because we had to get up early for Pioneer Day on Sat.  Once the kiddos got settled, the grown ups watched “We Are Marshall”  Nana had rented it for us to watch and we LOVED it!  In fact Tigerfan has assigned Nana the task of finding him a Marshall T-shirt when she goes to West Virginia this weekend.

Saturday, Tigerfan got up with the roosters and headed to the state park where they were setting up Pioneer Day.  Pioneers (for those who do not know) are the telecommunication charity group.  Tigerfan happens to be the local president this year and this was a way to try to encourage telecom families to join the Pioneers and help with some of their activities.  It was really different for the Pioneers because instead of raising money for other groups it was really a day for Pioneers and their families and potential pioneers.  They had a hopper, face painting, pumpking painting, a cookout, etc. 

We left a couple hours after Tigerfan and stopped off at Mrs. Winner’s for a cinnamon roll on the way.  We hadn’t been there since Fall Ball started and were starting to go into withdrawal.  We got to the park about 10:00 and the kids played NON-STOP until about 3:00.  They had a blast!  Out boys’ favorite thing was Mexican Bingo.  It was like regular Bingo but instead of letters and numbers they had pictures and Spanish Words and little dollar store prizes–but that is all it took.  They brought home two stuffed bears, a huge bag of candy, a best mom candle and a $5.00 Walmart gift card.  They also brought home two bags of candy as prizes for bobbing for apples.  Needless to say, the Pioneers have given a charitable donation to our dentist as well! 

When we got the kids bathed and in bed Saturday night, we sat down to the other movie Nana rented: “Premonition” with Sandra Bullock.  I really like her and I really like suspense but this will not be on my favorites list.  It was really strange and really stressful and I am still not sure about that ending.  If you have seen it and loved it, maybe you can enlighten me about it, until then I will probably not be recommending it to the masses!

Today has been a lovely, peaceful day of rest!  Nana and Papaw’s floor is finished and they get to sleep in their own bed tonight.  I cannot wait to see the finished product!  I am so glad we had a nice weekend because this week is going to be crazy!  Football boy gets his braces off tomorrow!  Yeah!  We have dance and Upward Evaluations tomorrow night, Upward Evaluations Tuesday night, we will probably go to Camp Bluebird with Daddy Wednesday night, we have a fundraising banquet for the Christian School I used to teach at Thursday night, we start a new P.E. class on Tuesday and I get a haircut Friday and somewhere in between all that we have to actually do school!  It is amazing to me how other families do it.  Our children are really involved in very little and I am very careful about the outside activities we commit to and I feel like we run from place to place all the time.  I am totally amazed and perplexed at “normal” people who go to school, have homework and are going from activity to activity all the time–I am tired just thinking about it.  Or maybe I am just tired!  Anyway, that is our weekend at a glance, hope you had a great one and can look forward to a great week!


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