No More Braces!

Our exciting news of the day…Football boy got his braces off!  He was soooo excited.  He has a retainer on the top teeth and only has to wear his lip bumper at night.  Far more importantly, however (at least to a ten year old) is that he now has permission from the dentist to chew sugarless gum again!  Oh, the excitement.  He wanted to go immediately to Walmart and buy a pack of gun but his mean mother thought it was more important to go home and get some school done (she really is an unreasonable and difficult woman).  Not to fear, Tigerfan had some in a stash that he allowed Football boy to break into so all was not lost and we managed to make it through an entire school day with no emotional breakdowns (from him or me!) which lately is quite impressive.  Other than being incredibly busy, we had a pretty uneventful day.  It is late and 5:30 a.m. comes early, so that is about as deep, humorous, or interesting as I can manage tonight!  Maybe we’ll talk tomorrow!


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