Time Management

Time management seems to be an issue for me.  Like this morning, I got up at my normal 5:30(ish) and began the day.  By 7:00, I should have been getting up the children and preparing for the day, but I was still at the computer.  Do not get me wrong, I had showered, eaten breakfast and had my quiet time….but then, I had a need to check my blogs.  It is a sickness really.  By 7:15, I realized I really needed to hurry so I promised to return later and went to wake up the kids.  We finally got stirring but no one was in a tremendous hurry and so breakfast and eating did not begin until 8:00, when we should be starting school.  We then had to do Morning musts to which I added (or changed) making beds to stripping beds so we could wash sheets.  I KNOW better to do this on a Monday, but at the time it seemed so necessary.  Stripping sheets always requires the building of an elaborate fort on the boys’ bunk bed which made us even later but by this time I had come down just to look at a couple more blogs and got wrapped up in the Fall bloggy give-aways, which I really appreciate, especially because I am entering like crazy and yet not giving away anything myself, but I may have gotten a little distracted.  By 9:15 when we still had not begun school, I realized what I really need to win is a life coach or a time management consultant.  Is anyone giving one of those away?  Because not only were we starting school 1 1/2 hours late, we had dance, I had to go to the grocery store, I needed to make a good lunch because we would be running around at supper.  All three kids needed a special snack for tutorial tomorrow AND I was supposed to make a snack for a teacher snack room.  Mondays are also my biggest laundry day, ironing day and I chose to strip EVERY bed in the house and wash sheets?  A good time manager would not do this.  I NEED HELP!!!!

On the same note, I was running frantically around the house by mid-morning, math was not going at all well with Football boy and everything was falling amazingly behind.  I asked my sweet baseball boy if he would help me by taking the laundry from the dryer up to my bedroom for me.  He said sure and then offered to take the laundry from the washing machine and put it in the dryer.  This is soooooo out of character for the ornery little fellow so I of course bragged about how sweet that was and told  him if he thought he could reach, I would really appreciate the help.  He merrily went to work and the following conversation took place:

Baseball boy (B.B.)-“Momma, clothes are really heavy when you take them out of the wash!”

Me (from the kitchen)-“That is because they are wet, it is okay!”

B.B.-“Wow, this is  hard!”

Me-“I really appreciate you, you are doing a great job!”  (I really cannot see anything he is doing!)

B.B.-“Momma, look how wet I am from the clothes!”  (B.B. walks out of the laundry room DRENCHED! to which I suddenly clue in that something may not be quite right).

Me-“B.B., was the washing machine through running when you took the clothes out?”


Me-“You mean you got that wet just moving the clothes?” (moving toward laundry room to check things out for myself).

B.B.-“Yes, I have to go finish now!” (happily returning to  his self appointed task).

I then walk into the laundry room to find that, indeed, the washing machine was mid-cycle and the tub completely full of water, as was my laundry room floor and the dryer now full of soaking wet sheets sitting two or three inches of water!  What can you do but laugh.  He was so cute, and so sincere in his efforts to help but to add to my mounting time management problems, I now had to unflood our laundry room.  God bless the children! 

Anyway, I have a mountain of ironing and a filthy kitchen that must be taken care of before I go to bed.  If I hurry, maybe I can even enter a few more give aways!  🙂  So I must say goodnight, if you have any words of wisdom for me, or if you know a good time manager that needs a good pro bono case, let me know!


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