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I Still Got Nothin’

I know I have been sporadic here lately!  This week is just getting to me.  I am trying to make preparations for a sub to take my tutorial class while I am out with the new baby.  We are working, both at home and at tutorial, on Science Fair and on the home front, it is not going well.  We seem to have made an error in our experiment and our bacteria IS NOT GROWING!  We are apparently going to have to redo the experiment, but the nutrient agar dishes only last two weeks.  I only have four left, so we will have to reorder.  They only cost $9 but they must be air shipped and so shipping is $8.  I just hate to do that!  Anyway,  football boy had a great time doing the experiment so he wont mind redoing it, I just hate the cost of rebuying everything and it is supposed to be completed by the 30th–good thing I am his teacher!  🙂

I am also trying to finish up Christmas shopping, write thank you’s for baby gifts and keep up the house, etc.  I have pulled a muscle in my leg that apparently will not heal because of all the extra weight I am carrying around so between a sore leg, indigestion, and freakish itching, I have not been sleeping a whole lot.  Poor Tigerfan said he can’t even remember anymore which nights I am in bed with him!  Needless to say, my mood has not been the greatest (just ask the kiddos). 

I did get good news at the doctor today.  He brought up inducing and said if nothing has happened by week 39 (about a week before Christmas), he will check me and if things seem to be progressing, they will consider inducing me early!  Yeah!  Of course, he made no promises in that regard but did assure me that I would DEFINITELY have a 2007 baby.  So even if my pre-Christmas dreams do not come true, my insurance fears will be okay!

I know this has been quite anti-climactic.  I am terribly sorry but, frankly, I am tired, so maybe more interesting news will come tomorrow!  Have a great Thursday!


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All in a day’s Work

Just a quick note because I am ready to go to bed!  We had a fun family weekend!  The boys and Tigerfan went hunting Saturday morning and Dancer and I joined Nana for breakfast at Mrs. Winners and the Dancer had a birthday party.  The boys came home a little after noon and got baths, etc. and we went to see the movie “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”.  It was really cute!  We had church Sunday morning and honestly played hookey Sunday night.  The weather was icky and we just stayed in and enjoyed family time–I whould feel guilty, but it was actually really nice.  Today was a little rough.  Definitely a Monday morning!  I didn’t sleep well last night, and really, if I am not going to sleep anyway, I would really much rather not sleep because of the presence of a newborn, is that really so much to ask?  Tigerfan got a late start this morning and school was very frustrating for Football boy.  We haven’t really had a BAD school day like that in awhile and it was rough, but we got through it, got all our assignments done and even though a few tears were shed, it was really not as traumatic as some of our bad days have been.  Tonight was nice as well.  We came home from dance and got baths and then watched a Christmas movie together and ate a very well balanced supper of popcorn, bananas, oreo cookies and non-caffeinated but highly carbonated drinks.  I really do not understand why I have not got that Mother of the Year call yet.  We finished up the evening by reading the Christmas Story and setting up the nativity scene.  Don’t you just LOVE Christmas time!  I have managed to finish today’s laundry and iron the pile awaiting me and now I get to head off to bed by 11:00.  All in all, I cannot really complain–Hopefully I will be back with something blog worthy tomorrow!

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I Did It!

Outfit number two is ready for a monogrammer!  It isn’t perfect.  A professional would probably laugh at my version of a liner.  I hope no one ever looks inside.  BUT, it is done and I feel a huge sense of accomplishement!  This really is fun!  I am all gung ho to make my next outfit, although it will NOT involve a liner.  I will be very picky about my future choices of fabric.  Tomorrow I will probably make a coordinating headband and hopefully Monday, I will get it to a monogrammer!  For now, I am going to bed.  Before 2:00!  Hurray!

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Okay, so I didn’t quite make it back yesterday.  However, we did enjoy a day of parades, turkey, and family time.  I was not particularly grateful to be awake yesterday morning because I spent Wednesday evening working on the LSU top and once again losing my religion!  It seems like such a simple thing to attach a liner to a dress–it is not!!!  I went to bed at 3 a.m.  This was only after Tigerfan had come back down wondering why in the world I was not in bed yet.  He tried to figure it out and said what I was trying to do was impossible (I had looked up instructions on the internet and did what I understood them to be saying IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!)  Out of guilt, I stopped and went to bed, poor little Tigerfan had to get up 30 minutes later to go hunting.  I got up at 8:00 but was awake much of that time trying to figure out that lining.  I finally emailed a precious friend in Louisiana that is a great seamstress.  She called me back and told me something different to try.  I didn’t have time yesterday so that is on my list today–I have got to get this done so we can get it to a monogrammer.  It is driving me crazy!

My new friend Aimee that sent me the patterns for the original outfit recommended an easy pattern for a reversible dress. I think I want to try that one next–it seems much simpler and is very cute, however, this time of year we are definitely watching our spending so it will probably have to wait just a little longer.  It gives me something to look forward to.  I am actually really enjoying sewing (Momma, can you believe that?  I remember a certain sewing tantrum I had in college where you finally agreed to buy me whatever clothes I needed if I promised not to sew anymore!).  I have all these visions in my head (most of which will probably never be realized) of little creations I can make.  As long as they don’t involve sewing a lining into a dress.  Ever!

Anyway, we had a great Thanksgiving meal at my in-laws.  Fried turkey breast, ham, sweet potatoe casserole, corn, green beans, mac and cheese, rolls, cherry salad, banana pudding, chocolate cookies and fudge!  Yum!  Tonight–leftovers!  After eating, my MIL and I headed to Walgreens for wrapping paper bargains!  I got three rolls of paper and three packages of labels for $3.27.  That is bargain shopping at its finest!  My MIL has already hit the sales this morning and Tigerfan recently reported that she has successfully hit all her intended targets and has found all she was looking for.

Me?  I curse Black Friday.  I almost fell into a panick yesterday because we got our nutrient agar plates in the mail Wednesday evening for Football boy’s Science Fair Project.  They only have a two week shelf life, so we really need to begin the project today–and I do not have all the needed items!  Because really, it makes so much sense to order time sensitive materials, have them air-flighted in and not get the other necessary supplies!  Anyway, I realized with great trepidation that I was going to have to leave the safety of my  home and enter the tumultuous world of Black Friday in order to get supplies.  Until Tigerfan offered to do it to save gas money with going into town.  After all, he was already going to be in town for work, and the Christmas crowds really do not bother him that much–it is a challenge!  So, we will get our Science Fair supplies and I will not have to leave my safe, warm home!  Instead, the children and I will decorate the house for Christmas and I will try not to spend the day having a cow because they are pulling things out of boxes and going crazy instead of following my very orderly plan of removing things slowly, one at  a time so as not to create a mess that will cause Tigerfan to lose more years off his life than LSU football has already taken this year.  And for that, I am HUGELY Thankful (the not leaving the house part, not the Tigerfan losing years off his life part!).

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Just Trying to Stay Afloat

I am amazed at how difficult I am finding it to get in here and type this blog.  With a reduced school schedule this week, it should be easier but I find myself going in a thousand different directions.  Today was supposed to be pretty simple, I had promised the kids they could have friends over so that was pretty much the plan.

We started the morning with what I thought was my final shot.  However, my nurse was a little unsure thinking I may have to have one more (not something I wanted to hear).  I must say, I was a little disappointed but maybe there is still hope.

I am beginning to feel the pressure of needing to get things done.  I am not quite as far in Christmas preparations as I planned to be at this point.  So, I thought we might could get school done really fast today, do a few errands, than pick up our friends and I could get some baking, Thanksgiving prep done while they played.  Oh,,, the best laid plans….

School, of course did not get done as soon as I would have liked.  I then ended up taking the children to their friends’ house where they could play while I ran errands (in the rain) and then I was going to get them all and take them home with me.  Errands took longer than I thought, Tigerfan called and invited me to lunch, and I went to Walmart mostly to get ingredients for dessert tomorrow which was to be banana pudding and guess what is the one thing I forgot to buy?  Yes, bananas.

I then finally went to get the kids and took them to my house.  The older girl helped me make fudge and we even made a headband to match the outfit I made Dancer last week (just call me Martha Stewart).

The kids had fun playing and the girls had fun making a huge mess.  I have determined after today that  all cabinets containing baby clothes, bandaids, or diapers are going to have to be locked and put on an alarm system to keep Dancer out of them.  She has been through about 10 bandaids in two days for serious injuries like her fabric, ballet style houseshoes are rubbing the sides of her feet and her finger hurts if it doesn’t have a band aid.  She has found the newborn baby clothes and all her babies are wonderfully outfitted in real baby attire right down to diapers from the sacred 600 shower stash. 

Anyway, tonight I am going to attempt to redo the LSU outfit I began over the weekend.  I am really hoping not to be up till 2a.m. but am definitely feeling pressured to get it finished, monogrammed and wrapped SOON!  You know, just in case The Good Lord saw fit to bless us with an early delivery.  Not that I am counting on that.  Or begging for that.  Or obsessively looking for ways to progress things including encouraging my nurse to bring me pitossin or throwing myself upon the mercy of my doctor and convincing him he really doesn’t want to have to be at the hospital on Christmas! PLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEE! Induce!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Have a blessed day tomorrow and I will try to get on here and list the many blessings I am thankful for this year!  Enjoy! and may God bless you!

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Weekend in Review

I have not fallen off the face of the earth!  I have had a busy few days and just have not quite made it to writing.  I have meant well, thought about you, even considered what I would write about, but in the end when the choice came down to writing or going to bed, the bed always won out! 

Friday, baseball boy woke up sick!  Poor little fellow felt awful!  Football boy did school, but B.B. just laid around all day.  He never ate a thing and never told any stories about T.V. shows or commercials: both signs of near death to him!  Friday night, Tigerfan and I had to sell Telecom Pioneer cookbooks at the Holiday Mart.  Nana kept the kids and we went to work!  I think we did pretty well.  In our 2 hour time slot, we sold 3 cookbooks.  I bought one, the lady working with us bought one, and a lady whose husband retired from the phone company bought one.  I really believe I have a future in sales!  When we got home, I decided to begin work on Dancer’s Christmas outfit.  Tigerfan had picked out the appropriate purple and gold fabric and I had it all washed and ironed up.  I had bought a pattern for an A-line dress that I was going to try to shorten and use as the top and use the pant pattern from Aimee.  The dress pattern seemed simple enough, so I got busy.  I cut out, sewed ruffles, and then realized that the material for the top was really too thin and needed a liner.  This would be fine…if I knew how to make a liner…I don’t!  But, how hard could it be?  Another little bump in the road is that I had no liner material.  Not to be discouraged I went hunting and found a similar fabric to what I was using that was left over from a mat cover I once made.  I began contstruction.  Remember, I have no idea how to make a liner…but I forged bravely ahead.  After ripping out my efforts approximately three times, I had an inspiration.  When I had sewn a diaper bag for Dancer, I had just made another bag and sewed it inside to make the liner!  So…if I just made another dress and sewed it inside the original, that would make the liner.  I later confirmed that this was, in fact, correct when I looked on the internet (why didn’t I do that two hours earlier?).  The problem with this was that I really didn’t have enough of the liner material, so even though I sewed it like the first dress, it was a little smaller and when I tried to attach it, it made the original dress bunch all up in a very unattractive manner.  By this time it was 2:00 a.m. and I frankly did not care anymore.  I decided to leave it for another day and went to bed. 1 hour beore Tigerfan and football boy got up to go deer hunting. (ugh!)

Saturday, B.boy and Dancer got up at 7:30 a.m.–why me?  B.B. was feeling much better and actually ate a little bit.  I had a faculty luncheon for the teachers/staff of the tutorial.  I didn’t think I was going to get to go, but B. was feeling so much better, I went on.  We had a great time and a great meal.  The mighty hunters returned while I was gone.  Papaw saw 16 deer and 3 or 4 bucks but left them for the kiddos.  Tigerfan and Football boy saw a dog and I think a coyote!  They were bored to death!  Thnakfully, LSU pulled out another win to soothe over frayed nerves.  We went to eat with Nana and Papaw and went home to get ready for bed. 

Sunday was a normal church day and yesterday we had our normal, busy Monday.  I tried to vaccuum the house and got about half way through downstairs (why does this job seem so difficult?)  I still have not pulled out my last attempt at the dress to fix it, I have not cleaned the bathrooms in days, there is laundry and ironing all over my living room and at 8:00 this morning I still have two children in bed, no beds made,vaccumming to do, Christmas shopping to finish and Thanksgiving food to prepare (although I have no idea what I am supposed to be making), oh, yeah, and school. 

I also realized this morning that I have carried this baby 2 days longer than I did Dancer girl!  Wow, that is hard to believe.  Maybe that explains my crazed desire to HAVE THIS BABY!  It really is a non-issue that I still have 5 weeks before my actual due date–I am ready NOW!  Patience is not one of my strong points.  My last shot is tomorrow and I would be lying if I said there is not a little piece of me that would like to just skip the injection and go find me a little dose of pitossin, but I am going to be good, try to have a positive attitude and try to finish up my Christmas shopping.  I have yet to pack a bag, I am afraid I might jinx any chance of going early, but other than that, I think we are ready.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to move things along, feel free to give suggestions.  And, yes, I am fully aware that I still have a long time before the blessed event is supposed to occur…but hey, one can hope!

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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

What a day we had yesterday!  I had not one, not two, but three, yes THREE surprise showers.  In one day!  Let me assure you, we are now ready for a baby!  It began with tutorial yesterday morning.  Our director had called a meeting for 8:00 in the morning.  I know for all of you who go to “real school” that is no big deal, but getting my crew up and going and at the tutorial and in a meeting by 8:00 is somewhat of a challenge.  Not one I am apparently up to, because we were late.  I wish I could say I was sweet and loving and understanding, but much of the ride to the church consisted of me fussing about never being anywhere on time….the fussing continued inside the building, into the elevator and down the hall as I was rushing the children to their respective places, trying to get my bags to my room to set them down and to rush into the meeting (late, of course).  I was still fussing when I walked into the meeting room to be greeted with surprise!  It was sooo sweet (and a little embarassing)!  There was a beautiful cake, breakfast casserole, fruit, etc.  The other teachers had all gone together and gotten a basketfull of baby things (photo album, travel diaper kit, toys, etc.) and  a BEAUTIFUL, handmade diaper bag with our last initial monogrammed on it (because we cannot commit to baby’s name) AND they had a smaller version made for Dancer. How sweet is that.  She informed me yesterday afternoon that she would be carrying baby’s wipes in her bag!

We then had to go to class where I had a test for my kiddos.  As soon as the test was completed, THEY had a surprise shower for me!  We received even more baby necessities and oh the soft sweetness of brand new baby blankets and winter sleepers!  I could have wrapped myself in all that softness and taken me a nap right on the spot! 

 That was immediately followed up by a goodbye party for one of our students that will be moving this weekend, so we did not get a lot accomplished at tutorial–but boy did we have fun!

Last night, I had a fellowship with my Bible Study.  I always look forward to “girl time” nights like that so I headed off as soon as Tigerfan got home and settled with the kiddos.  They also had a surprise diaper shower last night.  We now have over 600 diapers ranging from newborn to size 3 to start off this little fellow’s life!  And while I realize those will disappear with a rapidity that will startle me, it is such a blessing!  We have truly been “showered” with blessings the past couple of weeks!

Sometimes I can get very “melancholoy” with circumstances.  Life isn’t always fun or glamorous or even funny.  Especially when you are as big as a barn, all your maternity clothes are a little too snug and you still have six weeks lift to wear them (and grow even bigger), and something on you hurts all the time (oh! the joys of being pregnant at an “advanced maternal age”).  It is easy to get down and frustrated with the dailyness of things.  But God is sooooo good!  He is so loving.  Why does He even know who I am?  I feel so small and unimportant, but He knows me and loves me.  He knows we need to clothe our daughter and sends me Aimee from sewsensible.  He knows we have baby needs and sends us four showers (people, this is child number 4, we shouldn’t have even had one!), he knows I need an encouraging word and he sends my son’s second grade tutorial teacher who truly has to be the sweetest, most sincere, most encouraging person ever created.  I may suffer from a lack of feeling significant.  But God doesn’t see me that way.  He has a plan for my future and for yours.  I just feel sooooo blessed today.  My house looks like the baby aisle from Target just exploded here.  Two weeks ago, we had nothing (NOTHING) and yesterday Tigerfan decided we were going to have to build an extra room to house all the baby supplies.  Two weeks ago I was struggling with totally overwhelming feelings of “what will we do with another baby?” and today I am just ready to meet the little guy.  Everyone keeps saying that he will be extra special because he is God’s little surprise for us and I think I am beginning to agree!

Look for God’s blessings today..You just might be surprised what you find.  He is so Good–All the time!

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