Where Have You Been?

I am fully aware that I have neglected my little blog this week.  It all goes back to the whole time management issue but for some reason at midnight when I am finally finished with all my jobs, I just no longer care to try to think to type a post.  It could also be due to the fact that when I have gotten on the computer this week, it has been immediately to the give-aways.  Hey,  a girl has got to have priorities.  Sadly, I have only entered a few of the many, many, many give aways that there are and I really feel I am doing myself an injustice, but I actually think I would have to just sit here for hours to enter them all.  And, while the thought of blocking everyone out and blindly entering hundreds of give aways does have a certain appeal, I really do think I should allow my family to eat and be educated and so I am refraining myself.

Last night was an exciting night at our church’s Fall Fun Fest.  I must admit, I might possibly have had a negative attitude about the whole thing.  I am not exactly a huge crowd person and in past years when they have done this, the thousands of people coarsing through the halls of the church have made me grab for my children and scream for a valium.  The last two years, our church has held a parade instead that has been quite lovely and, for me, stress out free.  But, apparently a few small children had the nerve to step out into the parade route last year and came quite close to getting run over and so the powers that be decided to go with the older, carnival like format.  However instead of being held indoors, the whole thing was set up on the softball and soccer fields.  I was skeptical, but it was actually quite pleasant.  My only real complaint was that while they advertised “free food” and came through with hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy, there were no drinks ANYWHERE, not even  drinking fountains.  By night’s end after way too much sugar, popcorn and endless jumping, climbing, etc. in Hoppers the children were begging for anything to drink, ANYTHING!!!  I really think the planners did a great job, but really, have some drinks already–do not dehydrate those to whom you are trying to minister!!!  We came home with far more candy than any child should be allowed to consume (which is good because I feel it is my duty as a good parent to help control the temptation by disposing of some of it myself, especially that with a high chocolate content).

Today, we went to Tutorial and then my class had a picnic.  It was really a lot of fun!  The boys got haircuts, we went to Walmart and we finally made a day of it by eating a healthy meal of frozen pizza with Halloween candy for dessert!  The kids will be turning in soon, right now I am allowing the T.V. to babysit as they watch “Last One Standing” which is apparently where a bunch of men go to strange countries (this week Mongolia) and learn to fight in the traditional way and then take on the natives–of course, I use the term watching lightly.  Occasionally they look up from attacking one another and the living room furniture to get some pointers and a new move or two.  In half an hour I will be lovingly rushing  guiding them to their beds and getting ready for House Hunters night.  And, yes, in answer to the question burning in your minds, Peanut M&M’s will be involved although I have now learned the art of moderation (I think). 

Tomorrow, we will try to get back to a normal routine and I will try to be a better little blogger, but if I fail, remember, I am sacrificing for the good of bloggy give aways!


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    tquack said,

    when i grow up i have decided i am going to be a combination of yu and beth moore! What a glamorus life,great diet and still time to blog! you are a model of time management and maderation

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