From Distressed to Blessed

I have found myself quite frustrated lately because of the attire available for purchase for our sweet Dancer girl.  One blessing with boys is you can pretty much get away with jeans and T-shirts and be pretty safe.  Dressing a girl, however is quite different.  This year has been especially difficult because she is truly out of the toddler size and has moved into what I consider the dreadful little girl section.  No longer can you find a reasonably priced swing top and pants or sweet little dress.  Now we have the choice of the outfit with words across the backside (I am sorry, I know this is fashionable, but in a few years aren’t I going to want to prevent people from looking there instead of encouraging it?), the outfit that looks like it was involved in an explosion at the glitter factory, or an outfit clearly made for a sixteen year old that was apparently shrunk into miniature.  People, she is FOUR!!  I do not want her to look like a tiny teen, I want her to look four, she is growing up too fast already!!!

Okay, I am through with my ranting, but the point is, I have been seriously challenged in finding her winter clothing which was okay until the past couple of weeks when the temperature finally dropped low enough to consider long pants/sleeves.  She has three pairs of blue jeans, a couple of t-shirts and a “warm-up” suit left over from last year.  That is it.  So we began last weekend urgently searching for some winter clothes.  The search continued to this weekend when my MIL and I went to the flea market to a booth from a boutique in our area.  While I did find a few cute outfits, even at 1/2 price they were $35.00 apiece and the regular priced were about $60.  I tried a couple on her, willing by this point to pay whatever, but could not find pants that were the right length.  I was soooo frustrated.  When we got home, I began searching the computer for anything she could wear that looked like a little girl, was modest, and affordable.  Frustrated with that search, I decided I was going to have to use my very modest sewing abilities and just make her something.  I figured I could make a simple A-line dress or swing top but was a little worried about pants.  As I began searching for simple patterns, I ran across the blog of an angel in disguise.  The blog is called sewsensible and it had a pattern in it for a very cute dress/top and pants.  I wondered if I could make this, even just the pants and just posted a comment on the blog asking the blogger/Aimee/Angel if she thought with my lack of skill I could do this and how to get the pattern.  People, she emailed me back in no time and just blessed my socks off.  She encouraged me that I could, indeed do this, sent me a pattern and offered to help me or walk me through it if I got stuck and gave me her email address to contact her if needed.  I cannot tell you how I felt after communicating with her.  She was just a picture of grace to me!  This whole pattern can be made with about 2 yards of fabric and a little thread and elastic and can be made in an afternoon (by her probably in an hour, but it is me we are talking about!).  The outfits are versatile, adorable and could reasonably come in at between $10-$15 dollars as opposed to $60.  I am telling you…God is good!

Anyway, in case someone with little girls were to stumble across this blog, I want to encourage you to check her out and if you are interested, the patterns can be purchased at another great site called  She also has a cute pattern for an all in one romper.

I am going to give this a try this week, so I will keep you posted on the results.  I do not have tremendous confidence in myself, but I am soooo encouraged I have high hopes!

I hope you have been blessed this weekend, I certainly have and I hope I can be a blessing to someone this week.  Have a great week and I will definitely be praying for you and for my new “friend” Aimee.  god bless!


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