Having a Baby!

I am fully aware that this story will lose a lot in the retelling.  But I must write it down if for no other reason than to have it to look back on and remind me of the moment!  Tigerfan came home for lunch today and we had just finished eating.  Everyone, that is, except Dancer girl who is the world’s slowest eater.  The boys were helping me clean the kitchen and eating some Halloween candy for dessert and Tigerfan was getting ready to head back to work when he commented on how full he was and rubbed his tummy saying in a couple of months HE would be having a baby.  Dancer got tickled and explained to him that he couldn’t have a baby because he was a BOY and boys do not have babies.  Only girls do.  She then resumed picking at her food.  After a short pause she looked up, looked at Tigerfan and with no expression or emotion, just very matter of fact and said:  “Your booty is going to have one, though!”  I promise, I just lost it!  I laughed till I cried and then had to go potty so I didn’t have an accident.  When I asked her why she said that she said, still very matter of factly, “well, it is pretty big like your tummy!”  Poor Daddy, he gets no respect! 


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