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Wow, it has been a busy day!  I wish I could say there was tons of interesting stuff to tell about, but really it has just been busy.  We  had tutorial this morning and P.E. when that was over.  While the boys were at P.E. Dancer and I went and picked up a couple of Christmas presents and then rushed back to pick up the boys.  We came home and did math and spelling, left to take Tigerfan his guitar and then I had our church’s first ever homeschooling mom’s support group at 6:00.  It was supposed to last until 10:00 but another girl and I decided to leave about an hour early and everyone else left then also.  I mean really, how long can you sit at a table at Cracker Barrel?  It was fun, though and great to just talk to other moms who actually get you!

I did discover tonight how incredibly uptight I am compared to other homeschoolers and I find I really wish I could be more laid back.  I have actually mellowed out a lot from when I first began, but I still document every day of school, save every paper, record every grade.  I am legalistic to a fault over getting in the proper number of days and hours and fret continually over whether we are moving ahead at a good pace or if we are just “treading water”.  I said something tonight about recording our attendance and some of those women looked at me like I was crazy and said they had never kept track of their days, they just assumed they got them all in.  Many sleep late and are very relaxed in their planning–really they made me feel crazy for getting up so early and being so regimented and I realize I am far more stressed out and tired than I should be because I put these expectations on myself, but I really do not know how to not be that way.  If I do not get up early and keep track of days, etc.  I am equally stressed out because I am afraid I am not doing something I should be.  It is like my guilt issues.  If I am playing with the kids, I feel guilty for not keeping up with the housework and if I am doing housework, I feel guilty for not playing with the kids.  I really need some counseling!!  Is there help for people like me?

Anyway, tomorrow we have a busy day along with dentist appointments, which surprisingly stress me out because we get off our schedule (shocking, huh!) so I am ready to turn in for the night.  Have a great evening and tomorrow, I hope to have some inspiring words, embarassing moments, or profound thoughts to entertain you with!

By the way, I haven’t begun my sewing experiment yet, but I will soon.  I assembled the pattern and went to Walmart to look at fabric.  I know, Walmart is probably not the best choice for fabric selection but I wanted to start with something cheap in case I completely made a mess of things.  However, and I am sure this is surprising to many, but Walmart just did not have anything that struck me as “boutique bottoms” worthy.  So, I will have to wait until tomorrow.  While Football boy is at handbells, I may try Hobby Lobby.  I will try to hurry, though, before I get sidetracked and put this on a back burner.  I am determined to at least attempt this.  I am trying to keep myself accountable by recording my progress here, so feel free to pester me and check my progress–that may be what it takes to get me to complete this project!


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    tquack said,

    i don’t think you are uptight you are just ULTRA organized!! it’s all in the wording! don’t you feel better, trust me people like me would love to have a bit of your … shall we say…concern for details and organization

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