Wild Wednesday

I didn’t think it possible, but today was actually crazier than yesterday!  I wonder, is this a sign of things to come?  It began at 7:30 with my sweet nurse coming for the weekly shot.  We usually try to be ready, dressed, etc. so we can start school when she leaves but things did not work quite that way today.  When the doorbell rang, all the children were still in pajamas sitting at the table listening to our read-aloud book and we had breakfast explosion crumbs all over the table.

The boys RAN upstairs to get dressed while I got my shot, blood pressure, etc.  I would like to say that when she measured my tummy today, I measured at 34 weeks (I am actually 33).  I found that just a little alarming, because Dancer girl was born at 35 weeks and while these injections are supposed to prevent that, the thought of having a new baby next week is just a little frightening.  As much as we have told ourselves that we would be prepared, that we would get ready, shopping would be done, etc.  We ARE NOT READY!  No bedding on the bed, no bag packed, Christmas shopping is not done, meeting with substitute at the tutorial has not happened, copies are not made, baby clothes have not been purchased, we have no baby book etc. etc. etc.  And while I realize this panic setting in is somewhat unreasonable it is becoming increasingly real and I keep asking myself…What am I going to do with another baby.  I really need acceptance of this situation to set in…soon…very soon.

Anyway, back to our day.  We got shot, morning musts and began school which was actually going quite well until we had to leave at 8:40 for the boys’ dentist appointments.  We zipped off to the dentist ready to get a cleaning and get back to school.  I did not expect to still be at the dentist and hour and a half later!  Yes, 1 1/2 hours–to get teeth cleaned!  By then it was after 10:30 and the window of opportunity for schooling was rapidly closing.  We were in deperate need of a few groceries and toiletries so while we were in town and the schooling was already at standstill, we decided to run to Walmart and then meet Tigerfan for lunch since I obviously was not going to have time to prepare anything.  We finally arrived back home a little after one.  The laundry was not done, the dish washer needed to be empty, the children had essentially done no school and we had to leave by 3:15 to take some things to Nana’s house and be at the church by 4:00 for handbells.  By now, my realizations yesterday of needing to lighten up a little were taking on new meaning because I was seriously starting to stress out!  I would like to say I handled it all with patience and decorum…I would be lying!  We did manage to get tutorial homework done, the dishes put away and laundry started again.  The children all got baths and we did leave the house on time but there may possibly have been some tears involved (surprisingly, none of them mine).  The worst incident came when I went up to put clothes away in the boys’ room to discover baseball boy had not made his bed this morning.  I know that probably seems quite minor but it was really the last straw in an ongoing battle of obedience.  I did not yell, scream, or kick anybodything, I simply called him to his room asked him how many times I had asked him to make the bed and then told him that until he learned first time obedience, he could not go to any friends’ houses or have anyone come to ours including spend the night friends.  This DEVASTATED him because he and one of his buddies had been scheming for this weekend and I put an end to that.  He cried for probably an hour.  I admit, I felt a little sorry for the little guy, but I felt more proud of myself because I FINALLY found something he wants enough that it hurts when it is taken away.  It made for an awful afternoon, but maybe it will serve to have more peaceful days sometime in the near future!

Halfway into town I realized, I had gotten the 3 things I had to take to Nana, I had Tigerfan’s guitar for church, I had S.S. curriculum so I could plan Sunday’s lesson during handbells, and I had stuff to do with the sixth graders during choir.  What I did not have was my Bible Study stuff (yes, that included my Bible) for tonight!  I promise, it is really a miracle I never leave a child at home!

Church was fine but busy.  Sunday School is planned, dinner got eaten, and while the sixth graders got on my very last nerve tonight, none went home with physical injuries which is, I think, quite impressive!  Bible Study was good despite my lack of material and I only had about 5 different people look at me like I was a freakish alien when I told them I really am not due until Christmas Eve.  And really, I soooo appreciate the stories of being weeks overdue only to give birth to a 10 pound baby or ladies giving birth in cars and/or elevators…those really help my demeanor right now.  Please, feel free to write in with any comments on your delivery nightmares!

I almost forgot to share my most exciting news, at Walmart, Dancer found some fabric she liked, so I have actually purchased, washed, ironed and folded our fabric for her outfit.  Tomorrow I hope to get it cut out and let the sewing begin.  Theoretically it should not take long but we will see.  Of course, the one tactical error I have made is the top  is sleeveless and just ties around the neck which is super cute but not real practical since it has finally gotten cold here.  If I was a decent seamstress, I could probably alter the pattern but just sewing what is there will be a huge accomplishment for me.  I think I could probably get a pattern for an A-line dress and use it and just put a turtle neck under it, but I want to make it NOW and try it out.  Dancer’s three pairs of blue jeans are getting old already.  I am not sure what I am going to do about that, but I am ready to start sewing and see how things go, so who knows what may happen.  I will be sure to keep you posted.

Well, amazingly for having nothing to say, I have managed a total of 1,134 words so far.  that is probably enough for one night!  Sweet dreams and I will be back tomorrow!


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