I do not mean to”toot” my own horn or anything, but I DID IT!!!  I made Dancer girl a whole outfit!  And it is pretty doggone cute if I do say so myself.  Now, I cannot even begin to take all the credit for this.  If it was not for Aimee at sewsensible I would still be in clothing denial–she is truly the hero of the day!  Anyway, We got a picture so as soon as Tigerfan loads them up for me I will attempt to post one.  This may prove too technologically challenging for me but, hey, I made an outfit in a day so maybe my next step is computer skills!

Tigerfan has already placed his order for the next outfit.  He wants me to go find purple and gold material and make her an LSU outfit.  He has even approved the purchase of more material which, if you know my Tigerfan, is no small accomplishment!

I wold like to say that the whole sewing thing was no sweat, but there might possibly have been a little crankiness at my house last night and while I would like to say it was the children….it was me!  I just wanted to be left alone to sew, is that really asking so much?  I mean I fed them lunch, I helped them with a little schoolwork…they should be willing to entertain themselves, fix their supper and entertain their daddy for an hour or five so I can make my Princess some clothes!  I am not being at all selfish!  So while I was not finished with my little project by House Hunters time, I took a little popcorn/M&M break and forged on ahead.  I was almost through around 11:00 but had to finish this morning because I needed Dancer girl for sizing purposes.  I cleaned up and got into bed between 11:30 and 12:00.  I did not even hear the alarm this morning.  Tigerfan woke me up and said he had overslept and I could just lay in bed a little later so he could get ready for work.  It was a huge sacrifice, but I complied…I stayed in bed…for 3 more HOURS!  Yes, people, I did not get up until 8:30 ON A SCHOOL DAY!  Daddy closed our door and sent all the kiddos downstairs and told them to let me sleep..they were quiet as little mice!  Football boy even took it upon himself to do two school subjects.  They fed themselves breakfast and everything.  Sometimes, they just do things that remind me that I really do like them soooooo much!  I really think, however, that I may be taking this whole rlaxing and laying off thing a little bit too far!  I am responsible for making sure my children learn something this year. 

Well, I guess relaxing a little is good becuase despite the late start, we are almost done with today’s lessons.  The children are outside under the supervision of Football boy (how scary is that) and I told them I was coming right out to watch them.  That was thirty minutes ago.  I am soooo getting Mom of the Year!  Have a great day and I will try to post a picture soon!


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