Peace and Quiet–Not Always a Good Thing!

As usual, it has been a busy weekend.  Yesterday was church and then one of my good friends and a lady from my Bible Study had a Baby shower for the little one!  It was a lot of fun!  I got to just sit and visit with several ladies and just relax awhile!  Baby got several much needed items.  It is funny how perspective changes with the number of children you  have.  With the first everything needs to be the best, newest and a diaper genie is a NECESSITY!  However, the fourth time around, when you have gotten rid of everything because you were through having babies, it is amazing what you can do without.  I do not need a diaper genie-Walmart bags are much easier and cheaper!  I do not need a million towels and clothes-I would have to find a place to store them!  I need practical things like diapers and low maintenence clothes, etc. and all of those beautiful ladies seemed to know that.  I feel so relieved now because if this baby were to make a surprise entrance, we would be okay.  We have diapers, wipes, towels and clothes!  Hallelujah!  Dancer went with me to the shower and had THE BEST time with a couple of her friends.  So good in fact that she slept, even snored, through the entire church service last night!

Today was BUSY!  My good friend called last night to see if I could keep her daughter today.  Dancer was soooo excited!  She even woke up at 5:30 this morning asking was her friend here yet!  We got started with school and things went pretty well most of the morning.  Until I got sidetracked.  You see, Dancer needs a brown turtleneck to wear with her lovely new outfit I am still amazed I made.  Quick aside and words of advice.  Before making a really cute outfit that needs a turtleneck under it, make sure the proper color is easily accessed before making said outfit and then hanging it up in the closet not to be worn because NO ONE IN TOWN HAS THE RIGHT ONE!  Brown is the new black, right?  It should be so easy to get a brown turtleneck but let me just say that after considerable time online (During school hours, with a 3 yr old house guest) I was forced to call all over West Tennessee before finding one in Memphis that my beloved in-laws went out of their way to fetch for me on their way home from a weekend trip.  Note to self:  buy turtlenecks before fabric!  Anyway, after all of this and making lunch (which, by the way consisted of chicken, rice, and rolls because there was not one single vegetable to be found in this house), things were starting to unravel around here.  After lunch and a few minor breakdowns over schoolwork, Football boy noticed that the girls had gotten really quiet.  That is never good.  I guess I was enjoying the quiet and the ease with which I was working with the boys to notice the length of the silence.  Football boy went to check on them and alerted me that I might need to go upstairs.  He was right.  Dancer had gotten a stool and bench, pulled them up to the game closet and the girls had dumped out about half of the games and puzzles into a huge pile in the middle of the floor.  I didn’t even know what to say.  Little pieces of games were EVERYWHERE!  We began cleaning up, the whole time me fussing about the mess!  We got through just in time to change and go to Parent watch day at dance  It was so fun to watch Dancer show off her new skills and her ablity to listen about 40% of the time while giggling with other leotard clad pre-schoolers, watching the pet puppy someone brought with them and watching to see if I was making her picture.  It was all worth it at the end, however, as we were getting in the car and she looked at Daddy and I and proclaimed, “I love watch day!”  Oh, they can just melt your heart.

I really need to go to bed, but I cannot finish writing about the day without shouting out  about my sweet husband who volunteered to go to the grocery store for me after dance so that I could go ahead and get the kids home and bathed, etc.  What a blessing!  My biggest homeschooling challenge is always finding time to make a list and go to the store.  I didn’t even have a list to give him.  I just told him if it was edible, we probably needed it!  He did well, too!  He actually came home with fruits and vegetables and spent less than I ever would have imagined for all he brought home!  He really is a good man!

Well, I really must be going to bed, tomorrow comes too soon!  Have a great evening or day and hopefully I will be back tomorrow night!


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