Outfit #2

I do not have much to report this evening.  It has been a busy but wholly uninteresting day.  I got my shot this morning and found out I only have one more to get!!!!  I am not sure if I am more excited that I only have to get one more shot or if that means there is some possibility, however remote, that this baby may come a little early.  I totally realize how whiney I am being but I am huge, tired, cranky, and incredibly sick of maternity clothes(I am a real glass half full kind of girl!).  I then had a doctor’s appointment-everything is on track and met my friend, T, to let Dancer spend the day with her little girl.

The boys and I then went home to finish school which was way off track by this time.  My week of being laid back last week has backfired this week and I am feeling very stressed and therefore cranky when I see how behind we are getting.  We had to be at church tonight at 4:00 for handbells and once we dropped off football boy, Baseball boy and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought fabric for outfit #2 which is to be an LSU outfit.  I bought a pattern for a little A-line dress/top and am going to try to use it in combination with the pants I made for the other outfit, so we will see.  When I am done sewing it, we are going to take it to an embroidery place and get LSU embroidered on the front.  (At least that is the plan before I sew it, who knows what will take place after).  I am washing the fabric now and hope to start working on it Friday night.  I will be gone tomorrow night for a fellowship with my Bible Study and do not want to make too much of it with Dancer present because it will theoretically become a Christmas present.  If anyone would have told me two weeks ago that I would be trying to sew an outfit for Christmas–I would have laughed at them.  Hysterically.  Now I want to attack the woman I saw at Hobby Lobby today buying the fabric I want to use for outfit #3, doesn’t she know that fabric is for Dancer? 

Well, as I said, not much to report today and I am sleepy, so I am going to turn in for the night.  Sweet dreams!


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