Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

What a day we had yesterday!  I had not one, not two, but three, yes THREE surprise showers.  In one day!  Let me assure you, we are now ready for a baby!  It began with tutorial yesterday morning.  Our director had called a meeting for 8:00 in the morning.  I know for all of you who go to “real school” that is no big deal, but getting my crew up and going and at the tutorial and in a meeting by 8:00 is somewhat of a challenge.  Not one I am apparently up to, because we were late.  I wish I could say I was sweet and loving and understanding, but much of the ride to the church consisted of me fussing about never being anywhere on time….the fussing continued inside the building, into the elevator and down the hall as I was rushing the children to their respective places, trying to get my bags to my room to set them down and to rush into the meeting (late, of course).  I was still fussing when I walked into the meeting room to be greeted with surprise!  It was sooo sweet (and a little embarassing)!  There was a beautiful cake, breakfast casserole, fruit, etc.  The other teachers had all gone together and gotten a basketfull of baby things (photo album, travel diaper kit, toys, etc.) and  a BEAUTIFUL, handmade diaper bag with our last initial monogrammed on it (because we cannot commit to baby’s name) AND they had a smaller version made for Dancer. How sweet is that.  She informed me yesterday afternoon that she would be carrying baby’s wipes in her bag!

We then had to go to class where I had a test for my kiddos.  As soon as the test was completed, THEY had a surprise shower for me!  We received even more baby necessities and oh the soft sweetness of brand new baby blankets and winter sleepers!  I could have wrapped myself in all that softness and taken me a nap right on the spot! 

 That was immediately followed up by a goodbye party for one of our students that will be moving this weekend, so we did not get a lot accomplished at tutorial–but boy did we have fun!

Last night, I had a fellowship with my Bible Study.  I always look forward to “girl time” nights like that so I headed off as soon as Tigerfan got home and settled with the kiddos.  They also had a surprise diaper shower last night.  We now have over 600 diapers ranging from newborn to size 3 to start off this little fellow’s life!  And while I realize those will disappear with a rapidity that will startle me, it is such a blessing!  We have truly been “showered” with blessings the past couple of weeks!

Sometimes I can get very “melancholoy” with circumstances.  Life isn’t always fun or glamorous or even funny.  Especially when you are as big as a barn, all your maternity clothes are a little too snug and you still have six weeks lift to wear them (and grow even bigger), and something on you hurts all the time (oh! the joys of being pregnant at an “advanced maternal age”).  It is easy to get down and frustrated with the dailyness of things.  But God is sooooo good!  He is so loving.  Why does He even know who I am?  I feel so small and unimportant, but He knows me and loves me.  He knows we need to clothe our daughter and sends me Aimee from sewsensible.  He knows we have baby needs and sends us four showers (people, this is child number 4, we shouldn’t have even had one!), he knows I need an encouraging word and he sends my son’s second grade tutorial teacher who truly has to be the sweetest, most sincere, most encouraging person ever created.  I may suffer from a lack of feeling significant.  But God doesn’t see me that way.  He has a plan for my future and for yours.  I just feel sooooo blessed today.  My house looks like the baby aisle from Target just exploded here.  Two weeks ago, we had nothing (NOTHING) and yesterday Tigerfan decided we were going to have to build an extra room to house all the baby supplies.  Two weeks ago I was struggling with totally overwhelming feelings of “what will we do with another baby?” and today I am just ready to meet the little guy.  Everyone keeps saying that he will be extra special because he is God’s little surprise for us and I think I am beginning to agree!

Look for God’s blessings today..You just might be surprised what you find.  He is so Good–All the time!


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    tquack said,

    i am catching up on your blogs tonight and this one touched me so much. God is so good He used your words to touch my heart tonioght so to you and Him I am thankful

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