Just Trying to Stay Afloat

I am amazed at how difficult I am finding it to get in here and type this blog.  With a reduced school schedule this week, it should be easier but I find myself going in a thousand different directions.  Today was supposed to be pretty simple, I had promised the kids they could have friends over so that was pretty much the plan.

We started the morning with what I thought was my final shot.  However, my nurse was a little unsure thinking I may have to have one more (not something I wanted to hear).  I must say, I was a little disappointed but maybe there is still hope.

I am beginning to feel the pressure of needing to get things done.  I am not quite as far in Christmas preparations as I planned to be at this point.  So, I thought we might could get school done really fast today, do a few errands, than pick up our friends and I could get some baking, Thanksgiving prep done while they played.  Oh,,, the best laid plans….

School, of course did not get done as soon as I would have liked.  I then ended up taking the children to their friends’ house where they could play while I ran errands (in the rain) and then I was going to get them all and take them home with me.  Errands took longer than I thought, Tigerfan called and invited me to lunch, and I went to Walmart mostly to get ingredients for dessert tomorrow which was to be banana pudding and guess what is the one thing I forgot to buy?  Yes, bananas.

I then finally went to get the kids and took them to my house.  The older girl helped me make fudge and we even made a headband to match the outfit I made Dancer last week (just call me Martha Stewart).

The kids had fun playing and the girls had fun making a huge mess.  I have determined after today that  all cabinets containing baby clothes, bandaids, or diapers are going to have to be locked and put on an alarm system to keep Dancer out of them.  She has been through about 10 bandaids in two days for serious injuries like her fabric, ballet style houseshoes are rubbing the sides of her feet and her finger hurts if it doesn’t have a band aid.  She has found the newborn baby clothes and all her babies are wonderfully outfitted in real baby attire right down to diapers from the sacred 600 shower stash. 

Anyway, tonight I am going to attempt to redo the LSU outfit I began over the weekend.  I am really hoping not to be up till 2a.m. but am definitely feeling pressured to get it finished, monogrammed and wrapped SOON!  You know, just in case The Good Lord saw fit to bless us with an early delivery.  Not that I am counting on that.  Or begging for that.  Or obsessively looking for ways to progress things including encouraging my nurse to bring me pitossin or throwing myself upon the mercy of my doctor and convincing him he really doesn’t want to have to be at the hospital on Christmas! PLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEE! Induce!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Have a blessed day tomorrow and I will try to get on here and list the many blessings I am thankful for this year!  Enjoy! and may God bless you!


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