Okay, so I didn’t quite make it back yesterday.  However, we did enjoy a day of parades, turkey, and family time.  I was not particularly grateful to be awake yesterday morning because I spent Wednesday evening working on the LSU top and once again losing my religion!  It seems like such a simple thing to attach a liner to a dress–it is not!!!  I went to bed at 3 a.m.  This was only after Tigerfan had come back down wondering why in the world I was not in bed yet.  He tried to figure it out and said what I was trying to do was impossible (I had looked up instructions on the internet and did what I understood them to be saying IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!)  Out of guilt, I stopped and went to bed, poor little Tigerfan had to get up 30 minutes later to go hunting.  I got up at 8:00 but was awake much of that time trying to figure out that lining.  I finally emailed a precious friend in Louisiana that is a great seamstress.  She called me back and told me something different to try.  I didn’t have time yesterday so that is on my list today–I have got to get this done so we can get it to a monogrammer.  It is driving me crazy!

My new friend Aimee that sent me the patterns for the original outfit recommended an easy pattern for a reversible dress. I think I want to try that one next–it seems much simpler and is very cute, however, this time of year we are definitely watching our spending so it will probably have to wait just a little longer.  It gives me something to look forward to.  I am actually really enjoying sewing (Momma, can you believe that?  I remember a certain sewing tantrum I had in college where you finally agreed to buy me whatever clothes I needed if I promised not to sew anymore!).  I have all these visions in my head (most of which will probably never be realized) of little creations I can make.  As long as they don’t involve sewing a lining into a dress.  Ever!

Anyway, we had a great Thanksgiving meal at my in-laws.  Fried turkey breast, ham, sweet potatoe casserole, corn, green beans, mac and cheese, rolls, cherry salad, banana pudding, chocolate cookies and fudge!  Yum!  Tonight–leftovers!  After eating, my MIL and I headed to Walgreens for wrapping paper bargains!  I got three rolls of paper and three packages of labels for $3.27.  That is bargain shopping at its finest!  My MIL has already hit the sales this morning and Tigerfan recently reported that she has successfully hit all her intended targets and has found all she was looking for.

Me?  I curse Black Friday.  I almost fell into a panick yesterday because we got our nutrient agar plates in the mail Wednesday evening for Football boy’s Science Fair Project.  They only have a two week shelf life, so we really need to begin the project today–and I do not have all the needed items!  Because really, it makes so much sense to order time sensitive materials, have them air-flighted in and not get the other necessary supplies!  Anyway, I realized with great trepidation that I was going to have to leave the safety of my  home and enter the tumultuous world of Black Friday in order to get supplies.  Until Tigerfan offered to do it to save gas money with going into town.  After all, he was already going to be in town for work, and the Christmas crowds really do not bother him that much–it is a challenge!  So, we will get our Science Fair supplies and I will not have to leave my safe, warm home!  Instead, the children and I will decorate the house for Christmas and I will try not to spend the day having a cow because they are pulling things out of boxes and going crazy instead of following my very orderly plan of removing things slowly, one at  a time so as not to create a mess that will cause Tigerfan to lose more years off his life than LSU football has already taken this year.  And for that, I am HUGELY Thankful (the not leaving the house part, not the Tigerfan losing years off his life part!).


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