All in a day’s Work

Just a quick note because I am ready to go to bed!  We had a fun family weekend!  The boys and Tigerfan went hunting Saturday morning and Dancer and I joined Nana for breakfast at Mrs. Winners and the Dancer had a birthday party.  The boys came home a little after noon and got baths, etc. and we went to see the movie “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”.  It was really cute!  We had church Sunday morning and honestly played hookey Sunday night.  The weather was icky and we just stayed in and enjoyed family time–I whould feel guilty, but it was actually really nice.  Today was a little rough.  Definitely a Monday morning!  I didn’t sleep well last night, and really, if I am not going to sleep anyway, I would really much rather not sleep because of the presence of a newborn, is that really so much to ask?  Tigerfan got a late start this morning and school was very frustrating for Football boy.  We haven’t really had a BAD school day like that in awhile and it was rough, but we got through it, got all our assignments done and even though a few tears were shed, it was really not as traumatic as some of our bad days have been.  Tonight was nice as well.  We came home from dance and got baths and then watched a Christmas movie together and ate a very well balanced supper of popcorn, bananas, oreo cookies and non-caffeinated but highly carbonated drinks.  I really do not understand why I have not got that Mother of the Year call yet.  We finished up the evening by reading the Christmas Story and setting up the nativity scene.  Don’t you just LOVE Christmas time!  I have managed to finish today’s laundry and iron the pile awaiting me and now I get to head off to bed by 11:00.  All in all, I cannot really complain–Hopefully I will be back with something blog worthy tomorrow!


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