I Still Got Nothin’

I know I have been sporadic here lately!  This week is just getting to me.  I am trying to make preparations for a sub to take my tutorial class while I am out with the new baby.  We are working, both at home and at tutorial, on Science Fair and on the home front, it is not going well.  We seem to have made an error in our experiment and our bacteria IS NOT GROWING!  We are apparently going to have to redo the experiment, but the nutrient agar dishes only last two weeks.  I only have four left, so we will have to reorder.  They only cost $9 but they must be air shipped and so shipping is $8.  I just hate to do that!  Anyway,  football boy had a great time doing the experiment so he wont mind redoing it, I just hate the cost of rebuying everything and it is supposed to be completed by the 30th–good thing I am his teacher!  🙂

I am also trying to finish up Christmas shopping, write thank you’s for baby gifts and keep up the house, etc.  I have pulled a muscle in my leg that apparently will not heal because of all the extra weight I am carrying around so between a sore leg, indigestion, and freakish itching, I have not been sleeping a whole lot.  Poor Tigerfan said he can’t even remember anymore which nights I am in bed with him!  Needless to say, my mood has not been the greatest (just ask the kiddos). 

I did get good news at the doctor today.  He brought up inducing and said if nothing has happened by week 39 (about a week before Christmas), he will check me and if things seem to be progressing, they will consider inducing me early!  Yeah!  Of course, he made no promises in that regard but did assure me that I would DEFINITELY have a 2007 baby.  So even if my pre-Christmas dreams do not come true, my insurance fears will be okay!

I know this has been quite anti-climactic.  I am terribly sorry but, frankly, I am tired, so maybe more interesting news will come tomorrow!  Have a great Thursday!


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