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There Will be a Baby…Eventually

Just a quick word!  I am happy as a lark because my sweet Mommy is here!  She came to see a baby who has not yet arrived, but I am excited because for the first time, she will be able to be in the delivery room with me.  We are scheduled to be induced tomorrow (Friday) night at 5:00 so hopefully by Saturday we will welcome the new little guy into the world.  I am a much happier, nicer person just knowing we have a date and that my Momma will get to go home at least seeing the little guy for a short time!  I will keep you posted!  For now, we are trying to de-Christmas the house, do laundry and ironing and get ready for a new arrrival…again!  🙂


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Merry Christmas

Just a quick word to say Merry Christmas.  I hope everyone had a great day!  We had a wonderful day minus one expected baby who seems very content to stay where he is indefinitely.  However, after the day of noise that we  have had after Football boy got an electric guitar, Baseball boy got a drum set, and Dancer got an acoustic guitar, I cannot blame him for wanting to stay in the relative peace and quiet of the womb–I would like to go there myself!  Tomorrow, we return to the doctor and I am just praying for a date, I just need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I f they deny me that, they may possibly have a postal pregnant woman on there hands and really, nobody wants that!  🙂  I will keep you posted!

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No News

No news is still no news!  I have managed to vacuum my entire house…again.  And to think this is the third time!  I was so impressed I had gotten it done once before the baby came!  Maybe I should stop–maybe it is a bad sign that I can so easily get it done now!  Tigerfan keeps remiding me not to be discouraged–after all, the due date hasn’t even come yet but I was just really hoping not to be in the hospital on Christmas.  At the rate we are going, however it may be New Years.  As you can see, my attitude has not improved too much in the past couple of days which is why I am not posting–I just am not really in much of the mood for it.  It may be quiet here for a few days–I know everyone doesn’t want to hear me whine so the next news you hear will hopefully be that we are about to have a baby, I just hope it is in 2007, I am not so sure anymore! 

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More Waiting

Well, I really hoped and expected to be bringing good news of heading to the hospital, but that is not to be yet.  I got my hopes up way too high!

When Dr. checked today, I had not done ANYTHING since last week, so he decided I just wasn’t ready and didn’t even call to check about inducing.  I have had my pity party (actually, I am continuing to have my pity party) and realize I just should not have got so excited, but here we are.

The funny part about it is that now I have this extra time on my hands and I have done EVERYTHING!  I even washed all the laundry last night and the children are at a friends house so I guess I am going to go organize something and try not to think about things too much.

 The baby do

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Could it be Today?

Last night I got a call from the sweet nurse who came and did my weekly shots.  She was calling from work (Labor and Delivery) at our local hospital.  She said they were not too busy and she was putting my name on the list to induce so when I go in today tell my Dr. to send me on!  I must say, my hopes are high!  We may just have a baby by day’s end.  I know it depends on Dr.  but I can  hope!

In other quick news, dcrmom is hosting a contest giving away 4 Land’s End diaper bag totes.  Go check her out and sign up to win…just do not win mine!  LOL  🙂

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And Waiting…

We had such a busy day yesterday!  I had told the kids we would go light on school and heavy on “Home Ec” because we normally bake goodies for Daddy’s office and we hadn’t done it this year.  I am hoping we are running out of time before baby’s arrival so Monday was the day.  We made fudge, candy cane puffs, chocolate revel bars, peppermint bark, Oreo truffles, and coconut chocolate chip macaroons!  Oh, the chocolatey goodness!  The kids loved crushing the candy canes and actually were quite helpful!  It was pretty fun.  We have a few more goodies to make but we just ran out of time so they will have to wait.

Dancer had her last ballet lesson before Christmas so we headed out for that and then rushed back home to get baseball boy ready for basketball practice.  We scrounged around for something to eat and sent Tigerfan and B.B. off.  Football Boy had a little homework to finish and I finished the baking and then we began getting ready for baths.  Dancer wanted me to fill her tub really high and I told her I couldn’t because F.B. needed hot water to take a shower.  She convinced him to just take a fast bath with her so she could have lots of water.  So, in they climbed and began a discussion about the jets.  None of my kids have ever liked the jets so in four years in this house, I am not sure they have ever been turned on, but for some reason last night they decided they wanted to try them out.  In my infinite wisdom, I agreed.  I turned on the switch and the bubbles came to life!  Followed very closely behind by four years of goop, mildew, hair, and other disgusting build-up that has been lurking in those jets!  Both children SCREAMED and jumped out of the tub as it instantly turned to a brown mucky mess!  F.B. was okay, I told him he could get a shower in a little bit when the water warmed back up but poor Dancer had already got shampoo in her hair and it had to be rinsed.  So I wrestled her into an ice cold shower and rinsed her head as she wrestled and screamed at the top of her lungs!  The rest of her “bath” consisted of a rub down with wet wipes and a good toweling off. 

When I finally got her calmed and settled, I went back to the tub.  By this time all the water had drained and all that was left was four years of brown yuck slimed all over the surface of the entire tub, because, of course I had filled it really high!  And so, the scrubbing began.  I got the Comet with bleach and a rag and began cleaning which wasn’t too bad as long as I was on the side close to me.  However, cleaning the far side of a rather large whirlpool when you have a belly the size of mine was not quite so easy.  Really, all I could do was laugh at the absurdity of it all and what I must have looked like as I stretched and contorted my oversized self to clean that tub! 

Why am I telling you this?  Because, it is proof.  There is NOTHING—NOTHING short of medical intervention, I feel sure, that is going to coax this child out of me!  He is warm and it must be very peaceful and quiet in there and he isn’t going anywhere if it is up to him!  Dogs cannot get him out, exploding bath tubs cannot get him out, stretching membranes–no, walking, running, jumping–no.  Not a full moon, not bad weather, not spicy foods!  So please, I am begging you.  Tomorrow I have a Dr. appointment in which the sweet man has offered to induce IF labor and delivery is not too crowded.  Say a little prayer, pray for the precious women already there that they will give birth–SOON.  Pray for those thinking about going, pray for those Dr.’s and nurses working so hard!  Pray they will CLEAR OUT because I want a room and some pitocin TOMORROW!  Is that really so much to ask????

 I’ll keep you posted!

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Still Waiting

I would love to be posting about a new addition to our family.  I am not.  I would like to say it is okay and I am being positive and have a good attitude.  I do not.  I am cranky.  I am irritable.  I am VERY impatient.  It does not help to know that Wed. MIGHT be the day to induce.  It does not help to know there is only one week until the actual due date.  It does not help to know that at least I am not overdue.  Yet.

I told myself I would not get this way.  I told myself I would not listen to people and get my hopes up.  I lied to  myself.  I guess, perhaps it is because Dancer was early and that was my last experience.  Or maybe because I am just old now.  In previous pregnancies, I never got to the can’t reach your toes phase but this time around I can barely tie my shoes.  I never got really emotional but this time around I can scream or cry at any given moment for any reason–it is a little scary.  I try to remind myself that it is only a short time more but that does not seem to help.  We live in a world of instant gratification and I want to be through NOW!  I never thought I would be so depressed because I felt so good! 

In light of all this, I have been compiling a list in my head of all the things you should NEVER tell a pregnant woman at any time for any reason.  I would like to share some of the more important ones.  Consider it my Christmas gift to pregnant women everywhere.

1.  DO NOT tell her that she is big so early, she must be having twins.  They should probably check again to make sure.

2.  DO NOT tell her that she cannot possibly make it to her due date.  (She may start to believe that and I am here to tell you, that indeed she can!)

3.  DO NOT tell her she is big enough to be carrying twins.

4.  DO NOT tell her you will not be seeing her at church next week.  You probably will.

5.  DO NOT ask her if she hasn’t had that baby yet when she is quite obviously still with child.  She might slap you or burst into tears.

6.  DO NOT look at her as if she is a freak of nature, shake your head and wonderingly comment that you just did not think she would still be pregnant by now.

7.  DO NOT (If you happen to be an OB/GYN) get her hopes up and insinuate that she will probably not make it to next week’s appointment.  It is CRUEL!  Tell her, assure her, promise her, she WILL indeed be back.  If she isn’t, it will be a lucky surprise but she will not spend the next week imagining, dreaming, and hoping for labor pains that never happen!

I know there are oh, so many more, but I am sure you get the picture.  I will probably be okay until Wednesday, but if I am turned away from being induced, I cannot be held responsible for anything I say or do.  Tigerfan has even considered paying off the doctor to insure it.  Tomorrow  we plan to have a “Home Ec” day and make some Christmas goodies and Tuesday, Tigerfan will take some to his office and we will go to school.  He says we may as well just wait now and let me get in at least one more tutorial day.   I know he is right.  We have a project due that I should really be there to grade and it is one more day of pay.  So, I am going to try to stop whining for a couple of days and just be thankful that Wednesday might be the day.  Pray for peace in our house until then! 

And remember, only 7 more shopping days till Christmas!   🙂

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