Back from the Brink of Insanity

Okay, I realize that I have neglected my little blog lately.  I frankly have been in quite a mood and whether you realize it or not, you can probably thank me for saving you from the rantings of a mother on the brink of losing it!

I am not sure when I typed my last post, but I know that it has been awhile.  I considered typing a little something Friday but we had a HORRIBLE day and I felt it probably best not to share my feelings with the world.  It is funny because Friday afternoon, after a horrible morning, I got on the computer to check my blogs and got on Aimee’s family blog.  Aimee also runs the sewsensible blog that I am oh so very fond of and I have gotten into looking at both daily.  Friday, she was having a similarly awful morning.  I have so much respect for her because she handled it with much more dignity, respect and christianity than I did.  In fact, by 8:30 Friday morning, she was praying–I was still ranting at 5:00 Friday evening.

It began because we were keeping Football boy’s best friend Friday while his mom was out of town.  I had told her to send his schoolwork and he would be fine with us that day.  Football boy, however had other ideas.  He felt that since he had a friend over it should be a no school day, something we just cannot do with a new baby on the way.  I had explained to him very clearly that his friend was bringing work and it was a normal school day but apparently that well meaning conversation did not fully absorb into his sweet little 10 year old mind.  Or, it could be that he just really is totally convinced that his way is always best and we should really just listen to his wisdom because, really, who does know best?  Anyway, I had the audacity to require him to not only do school, but to do the WHOLE math test that was scheduled for the day.  He was quite offended that I didn’t just choose one of each type of problem and have him complete those.  Needless to say, math did not go well.  In fact, we reverted to a pre-Bob Jones math day complete with banging his head on the chair while sobbing and trying to pull the hair out of his head while his best friend looked on in what I can only imagine was total shock and awe.  It really was one of my prouder parenting moments. 

Thankfully, the morning was interrupted because we had to leave for a haircut appointment I had scheduled.  Usually I do not like mid-morning interruptions, but this actually served as a nice way to calm down and when we got back, the second half of math went very smoothly!  The boys even managed to be through with school by 3:00 and had a little play time!  I would like to say this helped my mood, but I was too far gone by this point.

Friday night, Tigerfan and I went out for a few hours while Nana watched the kids and almost finished our Christmas shopping.  I so planned on being done before now and yet, we still aren’t.  We are very close, though!

Tigerfan went hunting Saturday but the boys have already lost interest so I reluctantly had them all.  I will admit a little bitterness about this at first but we actually had a great morning.  We had breakfast at Mrs. Winner’s (they really must love us there) and then went to get the boys’ hair cut.  They love to go because the girl who cuts their hair is a big Tennessee football fan.  They always wear as much LSU apparel as possible when they go and she always threatens to shave a T in the back of their heads.  Anyway, Saturday was the big SEC championship game between LSU and Tennessee so they were ready to talk some “smack”.  After haircuts, we went to visit a friend in the hospital, went to a sporting goods store to let the boys look around and try some shoes on Dancer and then went to the bookstore to “browse”.  When we left to go home, one of the boys told me that it had been the best morning.  Usually Daddy takes them to do the fun stuff and they said they had fun having “Mommy” time.  I was really convicted by that because I often feel like they have constant Mommy time–I homeschool for goodness sake.  But sometimes they don’t want a caregiver or a teacher or a cook, they just want to have fun with me and I just do not do that often enough!

When we got home, Daddy was on his way.  He couldn’t stand to watch the ballgame so he decided to do the final lawn mowing of the season (yes he mowed on December 1, there is something so wrong about that!) I took a little nap with Dancer while the boys had a great time using the box from the new stroller to build a pirate ship.  It was complete with a cannon and marble shooter, second floor for playmobil people, and painted, taped, designed to the hilt as only a 10 year old and 7 year old boy could do!  Dancer then wanted to play with them so they took their ship upstairs and I was able to vaccuum the entire house! 

I really feel like this would make a great time for baby to choose to join the world, the lawn is mowed and the house is vaccuumed how much more ready can you be? 

We turned on the ballgame to see how it was going and Tennessee was ahead by 1 point in the second quarter–boy was I glad Tigerfan was out on the mower!  Thankfully, he stayed out until there were only three minutes left in the game and the tigers had a seven point lead.  He got in, and immediately got in the shower, I think he was afraid he would jinx things if he watched the end.  The Tigers managed to pull it out and win the SEC championship and today we found out that they will even get to play for the national title.  What a crazy season!  I wonder what four hour task I can find for Tigerfan to do the day that game is played?

Well, today we had church which was great other than the twenty comments I had on how people cannot believe I STILL haven’t had this baby!  People, it is not due for three more weeks.  I know that I look at least a month overdue and apparently this baby is going to  be about 15 pounds, but yes, there is only one, no it is not due yet, and somehow my body will apparently have to continue to stretch and get potentially bigger because we have 3 weeks to go!  I did, however, get most of my lesson planning done and printed out for my tutorial sub.  Tuesday, I plan to put everything together with page numbers and dates and then I will feel good about leaving things in her hands whenever God decides to bless us with #4’s arrival.  I may even go on and decide to pack a bag.  I have been putting this off thinking I would jinx an early delivery but since that doesn’t seem to be a concern any longer, it would probably make life a little simpler when I do go.

Well, tomorrow begins another crazy week with dentist appointments, doctor appointments, dance, Upward Basketball practices beginning, Pioneer luncheons, etc.  I guess it is just that time of year.  I will try to be a better blogger with a better attitude, but if you do not hear from me for a day or two, offer up a little prayer for the children–they can probably use it!  🙂


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