I am beginning to de stress a little as I get items checked off of my pre-baby checklist.  Today I think I was able to finish getting together all my sub stuff!  As long as baby doesn’t come early (which I actually wouldn’t mind) I have all the pages copied, page numbers looked up, etc. Yeah!

Tigerfan dropped off the outfit I made for Dancer at a monogrammer’s tonight so hopefully we will have that back in time for Christmas. 

I finished writing thank you notes for baby gifts tonight just in time because today I got my first Christmas present from a student so I guess it is time to get started on those.

A very precious friend who I teach with at the tutorial with has offered to keep my kids Thursday after Tutorial so hopefully I can finish up the last of the Christmas shopping although there always seems to be something needed at the last minute.

I guess all I really lack is packing a bag and I am not really sure why I am procrastinating on that.  I guess it just takes more thought than I want to give right now.  Other than that, I think we are ready.  I am not sure if that is good or bad because now that I am feeling better about having things done I have more time to devote to noticing how nothing really seems to be happening toward delivering a baby any time soon.  I know–only 19 days left and that shouldn’t seem so bad–in my head I think that is no time but the impatient, sleep deprived, uncomfortable, very human part of me wants it to happen NOW!  At least sleep deprived with a newborn has a cute, soft, cuddly reason as opposed to sleep deprived pregnant woman who is just grumpy and short tempered!

I really should not be complaining.  We have had two very pleasant days around here.  Yesterday was crazy busy but we got done what we needed to get done and when baseball boy went to town last night for basketball practice, I had a lovely, quiet, peaceful evening with the other two just watching a Christmas movie.  Tonight, Tigerfan took football boy with him to guitar and then they spent the evening together and I hung out with Dancer and Baseball Boy.  We had a great time playing restaurant which I love to play with B.B. because he always lets you come hang out at his massage parlor while you wait for your meal to be prepared.  I tell ya, the boy knows how to impress the ladies.

Have a great evening!


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