Quick Thoughts

I wasn’t going to write anything tonight, I was just going to go to bed at a decent time but Tigerfan is practicing guitar so I will take a moment to jot down some random thoughts.

1.  To the lovely men who I spoke to at church tonight.  I know you meant well and that it is incredibly kind and lovely for you to ask about the baby, etc.  But never, never, never tell a 35 year old 37 week pregnant woman that she is big, really big.  Big enough to be having twins.  Yes, I still have three weeks to grow, no there are not two, and yes, I am fully aware of just how large I happen to be!  Thank you for your concern.

2.  Why do I rant at my children to rinse their lunch dishes and put them in the dishwasher when the kitchen counters are so filled with papers, pencils, pens, etc. that you cannot see a square inch of them anywhere?  Yet that one unrinsed plate causes me oh so much grief!

3.  On a similar note.  Do eraserless pencils and novelty pens have the ability to reproduce themselves at freakish speeds or do they simply congregate on my floors and in my kitchen drawer and cabinets.  AND is there a reason for this phenomenon or is it just a way to try to drive Tigerfan just one step closer to the edge of reason?

4.  I love surprises!  Tigerfan went Christmas shopping last night and brought home something for me!  He hid it in the closet in the extra room because I assured him I never need to get in there.  I really do not want to know what it is (unlike him who has not only personally chosen all his own gifts but has himself purchased two of them.  Tonight he tried one on to make sure it would fit him right–I learned early on–no surprises for the OCD).  However, I have needed in that closet twice today!  Why does that always seem to happen?

5.  Lastly, the ladies called tonight and Dancer’s outfit is finished!  I am going to try to pick it up tomorrow and if it is not too embarrasing, I will post a picture (If I can figure out how, it took Tigerfan and I quite a long time to figure out how to do it last time).  I am very excited.  it means the Christmas lists are almost complete and a sweet friend of mine is keeping the kids tomorrow so maybe I can finish it up then.  I am not sure that is good.  I am feeling too prepared for baby, maybe I need to go mess up a room or something to inspire him to enter the world.  Although, the weather was nice enough Saturday for Tigerfan to mow the lawn and tonight the temp is in the thirties AND we live in a chaotic, somewhat insane household so I cannot really blame the little guy for wanting to stay in where it is warm and relatively quiet…as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t mind finding a nice peaceful place like that myself!


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